Offline Video Explosion Vol II

Offline Video Explosion Vol II Benefits

This is a collection of 12 videos that target 3 hot offline niches to compel businesses to call you instead of the other way around.

In essence:

1: Take whatever custom video you like for one of the 3 “power” niches and add your own customization (Easy–5 minutes max–free)

2: Upload the video to your YouTube account

3: Spend $10 outsourcing some stuff. (Or do it yourself. It’s all in the report.)

4: Wait for business owners to contact you…or use our 3rd method (you know the “gray hat” one) and contact them!

5: Rinse and Repeat

6: Watch your PayPal account fill up with money!

This product helps you by giving you vids you can customize to drive business to you.

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