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My moose-induced swelling has reduced
(amazing what sleep can do) – that’s the good

Woke up to zero chores being done, that’s
the bad news. Sigh. Always have to keep
on the kids. Delightful. Actually, they’ve been
good recently….oh well.

And how will this weekend treat you? I
hope it’s replete with wonderfully grand
excitement!! Me, I’m REALLY getting into
my FB stuff – Don’s training at


enabled me to grow a new page from 0 to over
13K in one week, and I’m having a blast
leading the community. So much fun!

Got lots to share but first:



And onto today! Ever wish you had a convenient
Freight train to demolish any obstacles in front
of you?

Well then, lookie here!

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This is a tremendously powerful how-to video
course (with transcripts!) that will crush whatever
it is holding you back…and show you how
to achieve a *sustainable* (there’s what word
again!) multi-thousand dollar a month business
online. Woot!

Next, did you see:

Covert Offline Smartness!

| oOo ==> Expires in 2 Days – Offline Point Blank
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The steps this shows include:

1.) Target high visibility sites online (who are ALREADY
getting content)

2.) Pick a site that has 1 piece of repurposable content
(so you don’t have to do any new writing

3.) Create a free gift for the client who will immediately
see the power in it

4.) Get paid, perform the service.


| oOo ==> Expires in 2 Days – Offline Point Blank
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What’s that? You want graphics first?

Well then!

Ever wish you didnt have to pay graphics folk
to make:

* Captivating Facebook Covers

* Powerful Web Banners

* Professional Twitter Backgrounds

* Vivid Mobile Banners

* Exciting Google+ Covers

* Profitable Google PPC Campaigns

* Yummy Yahoo/Bing PPC Campaigns


If so, lookie here!

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And the niche templates include!

* Accountants
* Apartment Finders
* Auto Insurance
* Biz Op
* Building Contractors
* Cab Services
* Chiropractors
* Cleaning Services
* Computer Repair
* DJs
* Dating
* Dentists
* Dermatologists
* Diet
* Direct Response
* Doctors
* Fitness Centers
* Florists
* HVAC Company
* Hair Salons
* Job Seekers
* Landscapers
* Lawyers
* Locksmiths
* Massage Therapists
* Mortgage Company
* Movers
* Multi-Purpose
* Nail Salons
* Optometrists
* Painters
* Personal Trainers
* Photographers
* Pizza Restaurant
* Plastic Surgeon
* Plumbers
* Real Estate Agents
* Roofing Company
* Tattoo Shops
* Travel Agents
* Veterinarians

So if making your life easier for 2013 appeals to you…

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Don’t forget yesterdays:

Millionaire Mindset Videos

No optins, no email…just simply click on the link
above and enjoy!

I have now gotten to LESS than a penny
a click – the price went down to 4/5 a penny!
Can you believe that????

Again, this is from


Proof will be shown today!

And did you see:

| oOo ==> 10 Million Dollar Thingee!
| http://askbling.com/10million

I remember how popular the Million Dollar Real Estate
page was back in 2006 (although that dealt in pixels,
not banners) so yep. I’m going to buy it myself! Stay

Plus if you have your own FB page….why
not encourage Fanpage Friday, where your
readers share their fav pages? It’s a great
way to get the community engaged!

Don’t forget yesterdays:

For the past few days, I’ve been singing the praises
of something that made THIS possible.

My 1 Penny Click Proof!

Now, I had even better stats than that….
but I’ll hold off on revealing them for next

But isn’t that COOL?

The kind of stuff you read in:

| oOo ==> Did I mention EASY EASY EASY?

| http://askbling.com/svc20

is applicable to ANY Facebook page (ie,
how to get the audience interested in sharing
your content and spreading the word!).


After hobbling my way to my office at 4am
and brewing up that elixir of life, coffee, I checked
my FB Ads account…and….

My 1 Penny Click Proof!

In a nutshell, Don’s stuff – WORKS.


The front end of the product is how to
build insanely viral FB pages.

And if you DON’T want trends…..

Think instead: PASSION.

The FB techniques Don shares is applicable
to passion pages *too*! Like mine!

All those likes on my page….

Learned it all from Don.

So to recap:

| oOo ==> Insanely Viral!

| http://askbling.com/svc20

would definitely show you how to
take advantage of the above. Woot!

I love evergreen because it’s popular year round!

And even better when it’s green as well!

Essential Green: don’t you

want to utterly dominate this niche with
done-for-you goodness?

Can you even *begin* to imagine how much is spent
on being environmently friendly? Over 100 Billion!

Well then if you’re into niche marketing/PLR/videos/etc., lookie here!

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This contains:

* 100s of exact name matches

* 50 High Def Amazon Affiliate Going Green videos (all products OVER $100)

* 155+ Green Living PLR Articles you can spin/blog/etc.

* 4 Green eBooks PLR!

* Headers!

* Footers!

* Automatic blog posting plugin!

So if you want a headstart in crushing the
Essential Green Niche:

| oOo ==> Done for you EVERYTHING for 2013 GREEN!

| http://askbling.com/greena3

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses my desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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