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Analysis Generator Benefits

Looks pretty cool – it’s a software that lets you offer a 45 minute free analysis to clients in about 15 seconds, and automatically generate a professional 3 page PDF report and send it off.

Benefits are:

You should use the Analysis Generator to create fast, professional analysis that makes an impression on your prospects. You should give this to your sales reps to go out and analyze sites and close the clients FOR you.

You should use this as a pre-qualifier for your prospects. You can spend 10-15 seconds per prospect to determine if they are interested in your business or you can WASTE 45 minutes to an hour doing it the slow ways.

We have 6 Analysis Platforms (6 ways to analyze websites) and that’s Individual, Manual, Mass, Network, Request and Competitive Analysis.

This product helps you by giving you a slick way to impress clients.

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