My newbie-friendly brutal take on the Don Wilson Social Autoprofit thingee…and just why you want to invest

| oOo ==> Social Autopilot Profits (woohoo!)
| WHY: It’s just plain ommon sense. Don is THE master of FB, his
| Significant Other is THE master of Kindle. Kinda like
| the perfection you get in peanut butter cups! More below:


Hey there,

By now, you’ve probably received 3,284,199
emails about Don FB Master Wilson’s latest

So just WHY should you invest in:

| oOo ==> It’s waiting for you!


See, yesterday I came back from the weeklong
Mario Brown Online Marketing Mastery event…
and one thing he truly opened my eyes about was
the power of Kindle (and I don’t just mean plain
bookwriting – I mean *money*, I mean *authority*,
I mean sheer you’re an idjut if you don’t take advantage
of this super-simple platform to use.

I don’t know about you, but I much prefer NOT
being an idjut – I prefer getting in on the ground floor!

And the stuff I learned….(keep in mind Mario is NOT
a Kindle guru but IS a best-selling author on Amazon)…
just plain *gold*.

Well! Rachel Rofe, Don’s better half, also got up to speak
about Kindle….and the insights she shared! My gosh, Don
and Rachel are *the* power couple in marketing; they
both enhance each other’s strengths.

Which is why grabbing the following NOW:

| oOo ==> Autoprofiting cha-ching!

It’s just a sheer no-brainer. It ties together
bunches of superCool social goodness….stuff
that’s newbie friendly as well.

If you’re serious about your business, you’ll get
it. And then thank me later. Bonuses coming
soon as well…

Let me know what you think!

Grow strong,

Barbara Kick Fate in the Right Direction!! Ling

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