Must Have for Video Marketing (bought it meself!), Speaking up, Social Media, more!

| oOo ==> The No Green Screen Factor
| WHY: Resource to show you how to make green screen
| videos without the green screen – just bought it meself!


It’s Monday morning and that means big huge
bunches of gloriousness shall be achieved this

How ’bout you? Anything exciting?

Got lots to share but first:

Ever speak up?

I sure did….and this is what resulted.

Can you say massively wootilicious???? 🙂
I’m sooo appreciative my FB wall was shared during a

==> Ultimate Social Challenge

webinar! Would you believe…this was the very
first webinar I’ve *ever* attended? And oh, it was
grand – I learned bunches indeed. I can certainly
highly recommend the product US Challenge
product above – bought it meself and am quite
glad I did (you will be too!).

And onto today!

Do you make videos?

Want to make ’em with green screen effects
(ie, putting yourself in front of exotic locales?

If so, check out

| oOo ==> The No Green Screen Factor

I just bought it meself; I’ve researched
how much green screens and green screen
software costs, so am looking forward to this
bigtime. Nice!

And don’t forget this mornings:

| oOo ==> 41 Insanely Compelling Fresh Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

I just wrote that meself this morning! If you have a grand
Facebook cover already, might I ask that you alert me to
it and I’ll include it?

Thanks! Also, I do have a favor to ask…will get that out to
you shortly as well.


Do you have more than one list?

Would you like to make it easier for
people to sign up to specific lists?

If so,

| oOo ==> WP Segmented eMail List Subscriber

This looks grand – it’s a WP plugin that lets your
visitors sign up for different mailing lists depending
upon their specific needs. Woot!

And don’t forget yesterdays:

Oh you will *love*! this!!

Want a simple easy way to get subscribers
via Facebook?

Lookie here!!!!

| oOo ==> Super Easy Facebook Subscriber System

Wide timeline, testimonials, grand button
choices, subscriber registration….heck, go click
above now and see for yourself!

This is HUGELY appealing to me – I’m going to
be powering up my marketing via FB and….

Yep. Grand indeed!


Want you 90 Niche WordPress Themes?

If so:

==> 90 Niche WordPress, HTML, etc. goodies!

looks stunning – it includes

* WordPress Themes
* HTML templates
* Squeeze pages and more!

PLR Rights included….woot!

Want quick effective guidance to NOT overanalyzing
product creation and getting your stuff out to
market and selling like coffee cups?

If so, lookie at:

| oOo ==> 7 Dollar WSO Product Creation

I can definitely vouch for the Keep It To One
idea, well, idea….prior to doing that, my brilliant
writings would languish on the digital shelves.
But simplifying and streamlining my content –
they just sell themselves….woot!


Do you remember:

==> Ultimate Social Challenge

It released on Tuesday, and goes off the market
this Tuesday, and focuses on showcasing to you
top strategies for long-term passive income from
Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Well! More than 4,000 copies have sold as
for only $7, it just makes *sense* to buy (the
amount of actionable info is staggering!).

And remember, if you buy thru my link above,
you can forward to me your receipt and get
for free:

Book 1 Begin Your Pinning Empire
Book 2 Pinning For Manly Men
Book 3 The Pinning Games
Instant Smartness
Transform It


Their OTOs too! We’re talking MORE than
$100 worth of my popular products… I said.

No brainer indeed! 🙂

==> Ultimate Social Challenge

(See some smashing images about it too, updated today!


That about covers it for Monday evening……yay! I’ll be

sure to check in with you this afternoon with whatever
wootness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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