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| oOo ==> Offline LinkedIn Profits Master

| http://askbling.com/limoap|
| WHY: LinkedIn laser-targeting that gets the most profitable

| clients to your attention and more!



It’s Saturday evenin’ and wow oh wow, what a
grand grand GRAND day! Listened to some utterly
magnificent speakers at the Earn 1K A Day event
including Mario Brown (sooooo inspirational!!),
Jason Fladlien (sooooo pragmatically smart!),
Gene Pimentel (sooooo domain-wise!) and more…
and then!

Then I gave my talk about turning failure into success –
’twas the first time in 10 years that I’ve spoken in
front of an audience. Woot! So grateful to Dennis
Becker for the opportunity….I think it went really
well. How ’bout you?

I’m about to dash off to the evening networking

but did want to update you to some of the goodies
that crossed me desk….so let’s begin!

Brief, pithy and to the point.

Want LinkedIn Laser targeted offline mastery?
If so:

| oOo ==> Most profitable offline clients NOW

| http://askbling.com/limoa

To quote: this lets you:
1). target and access the best most professional clients (i.e. owners)…
2). with the most profit to make and money to spend
3). makes you look more professional in the process which
4). gives you a way to offer a free service which…
5). has them pre-sold when they respond and ready to buy
6). allows you to do all of this in 2-5 days depending on your time investment

Laser. Profits. I like. Don’t you?


As you know, this weekend seminar is coming to
an end…but if you sincerely want to take your business
to the next level, the following
is coming in September!

| oOo ==> Warrior Event Orlando 2012!

| http://barbaraling.com/seemore/orlando.php

Now, I attended the NC thingee in March and,
like I said, it was life-changing. I became inspired
beyond belief, picked Dr. Ben to be my coach,
and in June, had a 18.9K month.
I can trace a huuuuge amount of my success
back to giving myself permission to attend the
March NC event….you always hear how such
events are life-changing but you know something?

They really are!

And don’t forget this mornings:

Can’t see how I missed this – my apologies!
Want to learn bunches of comprehensive ways
to crush in on Kindle? If so:

| ==> KindleLympics!
| http://askbling.com/kolympicsa

Nice indeed! It’s a collection of various/sundry
ways bunches of marketers are doing superbly
with Kindle, and will serve to provide you
with that Hey! THIS might be the way for me
to proceed! moment bigtime. Nice!

And did you see:
Ever wish you had the *perfect* software
solution that systemizes the 9 steps off
offline marketing beautifully?

If so, enter!

| oOo ==> Offline Action Master

| http://askbling.com/oamastera

This is a serious business CRM tool
Relationship Management) that is specifically
geared to marketers who sell to offline customers….

Among the goodness it lets you do is:

* Customize campaigns
* Customize tools
* Datamining capabilities for qualifying leads
* See everything on *1* screen

And the bonuses are sweet too, including
the offline PLR magazine and more!
What’s that? Paid traffic instead flaps
your earlobes?

If so, lookie here:

| ==> Big Boys Rolodex for Quality Paid Traffic

| http://askbling.com/ptraffica
There was a WSO released a month ago that talked
solely about only 1 of the resources in the above…
great information indeed! If you’re into quality
paid traffic, or want to learn all about it…definitely
check it out.
Next, did you see:

One could say I know a bit about email marketing,
Jimmy Mancini knows bunches more!

He just released:

| oOo ==> Never Saw This Shared Before!

| http://askbling.com/emailmsa
And the stuff he includes!!!
This is a pure-action 53 page PDF that talks about:

* Volume emails
* MTAs
* The structure of a 7 day autoresponder sequence
* Copywriting tips (plus sources!)
* Improving Deliverability
* Reputation scores
* more!

Basically, not only do you get the tried-and-true
here’s how you email Market but you ALSO
receive the advanced knowledge not often
shares about how to slant success in your favor. And don’t forget this mornings:

If you’re into QR goodness, you’ll
*love* this!

You know how QR codes are grand for offline/
mobile, right?
Did you ever realize these QR codes could use
graphical templates too, so you can embed
logos, use colors and more??

Told you you’d love this!!

| oOo ==> Gorgeous Designer Mobile QR codes!

| http://askbling.com/qrreva
Like I said….sweet. And the OTO gives
you even *more* quality designs you can
use right away….this is something your
offline customers will adore!
Or Fivver? Did you say Fiverr?

I just reviewed this and it’s very nicely done indeed.

| ==> Fiverr Fever
| http://askbling.com/fiverrnewa
What makes this so nifty is that Travis walks
you thru 3 outsourcings he did…and how he
was able to flip them into $97 services.

Very smart!

Oh, and about converting viral traffic?


Simply click on the image above and enjoy -Seth always hits it out of the park.

And that be it for me! 🙂

Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you bright and early tomorrow

with whatever wootness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity


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