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| oOo ==> LinkedIn Domination Blueprint
| http://askbling.com/linkedind
| WHY: Nitty gritty on how to use LinkedIn
| for business leads that:

Brief, pithy and to the point!

Want to get business professionals
to proactively ask for *you* and
Your services?

If so, check out this:

| oOo ==> Only 33 pages zero fluff!
| http://askbling.com/linkedind

Build a massive presence and brand in only 10 to 20 minutes per day…page 1

Use LinkedIn’s extensive setting controls to super charge the reach you get out of your content…page 3

Set your communication settings on LinkedIn to get your message out to your connections…without opening yourself up to meaningless messaging yourself…page 8

Use groups and especially the group email notifications to get your marketing messages out fast and to the right people…page 11

Set your account for “stealth mode”…so you can infiltrate entire niches (like dentists or roofers) without alerting your target audience…page 13

| oOo ==> Catch that stealth?
| http://askbling.com/linkedind

Create a branding strategy for yourself, your business, or a client’s business, which you can implement in only minutes per day…page 16

Find your best target audience and laser focus your efforts just on them…page 17

Hone in on your target audiences’ pain points so you can “hit ’em where it hurts” with your marketing messages…page 18

Easily find content you can curate and re-purpose for your LinkedIn content marketing…page 20

Organize your curated content so you can spend only minutes a day posting, yet dominate and control a massive market…page 22

Create content that gets hundreds of page views almost instantly…Just like Gloria taught Lee to do…page 23

| oOo ==> Catch that content?
| http://askbling.com/linkedind

Interject yourself into hundreds of ongoing conversations right on LinkedIn and get noticed the right way…page 24

Blog on LinkedIn…page 27

Easily find curated content for your blog…page 29

Set up your own 10 – 20 min per day system just like Gloria does…page 30


And because this is a solo
offer, buy thru my link
and immediately receive:

LinkedIn For Business

Additional ways to build
up your LinkedIn presence!

Sounds good? I think so –
LInkedin is where the professionals
go…. so if you want to step outside
the tiny fishbowl of IM….

Check it out today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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