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Editor’s Note: I included the wrong link yesterday – the
Facebook Dirt one has been added. Not
enough coffee. Hope you enjoy! — Barbara Ling


| oOo ==> Kindle Cover Software
| WHY: Drag and drop software ebook cover creator that makes
| creating appealing clickable covers a snap… no more need for Fiverr!
It’s fast coming up to midnight (read: past 6pm
Barbara Ling time) and I just realized something
grand I am happy to share with you!

I’ll probably blog about this tomorrow, but ….

You know how years ago, I used to do my beloved
2.4 mile circle walk with my moosies?

Well, *those* days are deader than a lump of
mashed up shower scum. Walking is now quite
an issue with me. 🙁

But I just realized…..IF and ONLY IF….my surgery
happens….and IF and ONLY IF… goes well…..
and IF and ONLY IF….. I heal….

I’ll be able to walk my beloved circle walk…*again*.

Do you have ANY idea how other-worldly that seems
to me right now? To walk without pain….. WOW.

Yay! So right now, I’m not even living in Sept 2012…

I’m looking towards Mar 2013!

And now was your Monday?a

Got lots to share but first!

Romeo and Juliet….FEATHERED MOOSIES!

So sweet!

And onto this afternoon!

Ever want to crush it with Kindle?


| oOo ==> No more need to outsource!

No photoshop, no expensive stuff required…
this software allows you to create stunning
eBook covers via drag and drop.

What would be simpler than that!

(and the upgrade includes done-for-you templates
and more!


And did you see:

You’ve probably heard of Foursquare, right, the social
location thingee?

Ever wish you knew how to use it to help offline
clients utterly dominate their niche?

It’s got SO much more than plain simple checkins!

| oOo ==> Make it…irresistible!

Amanda REALLY hits it out of the ballpark with this –
not only do you get all the insider tips with Foursquare
but she also explains:

* The 7 Different Types of Specials

* Customer Acquisition Specials

* Customer Retention Specials

* (are you starting to see the potential of this?)

* Mayor Specials

* Flash Mob Specials


And she walks you thru the ENTIRE process.

Don’t forget about this mornings:

Now, I am NOT into Adsense. It’s just NOT me.
However, I’ve been told by several list members that
it IS them….so….

| oOo ==> Use FB To Drive Adsense!

This received WSOTD and focuses on a specific
way to increase your Adsense income via FB traffic.
More than that…I cannot say, but if it flaps your
earlobes, enjoy!

And did you catch:

Remember the goodness created by Ms. Motivation
before that just plain flew off the shelves?

She’s just released her latest….

She’s know for great Offline PLR so lookie here!

| oOo ==> Offline PLR eMails for Local Goodness!

One option contains 3 sets of emails……another goes
‘way beyond that as well. Do read all the goodies available…
methinks you’ll find it most useful indeed!

Not to mention:

Looking for an *extremely* creative offline
method that starts (for me) on Page 4 and doesn’t
let you go ever?

Product: 7 Level Ninja Infiltration Method

Author: Bolaji O
Experience: HIGH
Why you want to buy it:

For me starts especially with the point on page 4. It provides
a way to find leads that I really haven’t seen any other
offline marketer focus on! And from then on, quality
upon quality is just piled on. Grand job indeed.
Includes several infographics plus I will
offer you extras if you buy thru my link.

What’s that? You wanted instead WP goodies?

Ever wish you didn’t have to pay premium for premium?

Well then, lookie here!

| oOo ==> ZERO Super Techie Stuff!

This goodie gives you over-the-shoulder training
(woot!) on how to use free tools to customize a grand
free WP theme. Nice!

(even better – this is the author who released the
Undercover Resource Genie a few months ago –
utterly brilliant pdf that showed you where to
find the top IM tools … for free. And it’s a bonus!!)

And don’t forget yesterdays:

If you’re wondering how to make Squidoo for you…
GRAB THIS. It’s by Erica Stone!

| oOo ==> Squid Pro Quo

Super-comprehensive and worth every penny –
Erica takes you by the hand for EVERYTHING wrt
Squidoo and cashing in on it for the holidays and more
Grand grand grand!

And about FB Dirt?

Click on the image in the pin above and enjoy!

That about covers it for this evenin’….woot!

Hope your day went peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you bright and early tomorrow
with whatever wootness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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