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Good morning!

It’s Saturday morning and OMG – it’s Saturday!
I survived returning from North Carolina (yay!)
and OMG… it’s the weekend!!!!
Such…a stellar week. Not only did I release
my personalized 2K coaching over at
(where you’re going to have to sell *me* on
your seriousness) but I also recorded the
first ever Kick Fate in the Right Direction!
webinar (which will be available over at
I shared some of my fav business tips that
you can act on immediately…..good stuff indeed.

So yep….today. It’s Saturday! I’m going to
rest and regroup a weee bit and okay, that’s
a lie. Been up since 3:30am, will take the kids
on a playdate and spend time putting into action
all of my plans I sketched out on the planeride
back from NC. Woot!

Got lots to share but first:

Firefox is starting up!


And onto today!

If you’ve *ever* struggled to write content…
get THIS. Now!

| oOo ==> Page 30 – GOLD
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I can’t begin to describe how truly amazing
this how-to is. As you know, Jason is one
of the most prolific quality content creators
online….and he pulls back the curtains on
all of his personal techniques he uses to
constantly offer topnotch content that changes
his customers’ lives . You can bet I’ll be incorporating
a number of these goodies – the ah-hah moments
shared are unbelievable!!

| oOo ==> 73 pages. 20,383 words. No filler, all killer.
| http://awpt.co/LypAf?e=

And did you see:


Doesn’t the mental image really….
intrigue you?

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could generate
the same curiosity and high clickthru rates
of, say, *image banners* you create?

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It’s very simple:


Do you know when you strategically use banners and
buy spots via sites like Buysellads or Adengage you can
achieve GORGEOUS CPC for your paid ads?

And bloggers in your niche!!

Heck there are tons of possibilities to even approach
bloggers who don’t even know that they can make
additional income by putting up
your banner.
Now, it’s easier than you think to buy spots from these sources…

*Making* those attention grabbing and high
converting banners.


Until now.

| oOo ==> Even includes a FB Module!
| http://askbling.com/bannerc

Don’t forget yesterdays:

It’s Friday evenin’ and how the heck was your
day? Mine was very good indeed – husband kidnapped
me for lunch to Boston Market (yum!) AND my
BHWB arrived! Lookie lookie!


Isn’t that grand? It’s going to be installed in my office…
can’t wait! Just think, it’s been only 17 months since I
returned to marketing….how time flies. Look out world!
🙂 How ’bout you?

In other news, my eldest and my youngest are both
rather non-optimal. 🙁 Might be allergies or perhaps
a cold…put them both to bed and we’ll see how things
are when they wake up. The joys of pollen!

And it’s getting close to midnight, so let me
pounce right upon:

Got lots to share but first:

How to cut a mango!


And onto today!

Looking to stop spinning your wheels
and START getting a move on?

| Kick Fate in the RIGHT! Product Creation Coaching
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/kick-fate-pc/

| WHY: Accepting 5 people for customized product

| creation coaching, very selective indeed!

I’m changing my business direction and going
to focus on coaching/helping a very select group
of folk….achieve their goal online. The earlier
webinar today offers some pretty powerful insights
that give a very tasty insight into what I’m sharing….
ideally that will be rendered by tomorrow!

Next, want increased conversions? If
so you’ll love this!

My apologies for the delay – this recently crossed my desk
and it’s too good NOT to share.

| oOo ==> Maximize your clickthrus!
| http://awpt.co/nl65L?e=

Now, Mark Thompson is the guy who
released WP4FB and several other grand
products; the man double-tests, triple tests
and just plain *overdelivers* on his promises.

What I like particular is the ability to split-test
proven layouts so you can actively track just
how well your sites are performing…and what
kinds of tweaks would make it even better.
I’m going to be installing it on one of my sites
and turning my VA loose on it.

The membership site comes not only with
complete training but also rather yummy
bonuses too – PostSocializer, Outsource Project,
SEO Firestorm and more. Sweet!

So if increasing your overall clickthrus and
commissions appeals to you….

| oOo ==> A theme that’s *strategically* designed for
| increased clickthrus
| http://askbling.com/itheme


Looking for offline PLR for the
personal injury lawyer?

==> PI Lawyer goodness!

This is a complete done-for-you
package for getting into the Personal Injury
niche as an offline consultant – comes with

* Squeeze page

* Lead Gen report

* 5 Autoresponder followups

* White board video

* Bunches more….nice! MORE!

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitably Fun!

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