I screwed up so here’s how I’m making up for it (first class is today at 11am)

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| ==> Make $97 Authority Products 3 Week Mastermind – $150 off
| http://askbling.com/make97
| BENEFITS: 3 week power mastermind to show you how
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Sigh. Hate it when this happens.

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit under
the weather for the past few weeks.

So much so that I missed launching the
3 Week Mastermind of the Create $97 Products
Espresso goodness. Sigh.

You might remember the hourlong bootcamp
debuted in December (and wow – what a tremendous
quantity and quality of tools, blueprints, mindmaps
etc. were offered!).

Anywhos, my 3 week masterminds retail at $247, but
because I messed up, I’m going to take off $150
of the price and you can grab it at

| ==> Includes BOTH the 3 Weeks AND the Bootcamp
| http://askbling.com/make97

This will give you BOTH the already-completed
materials and bonuses AND the 3 week mastermind
(which starts today!)

I really hate being non-optimal but if I screw
up…. I screw up. But you’re going to
love the benefits you get.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

P.S. First class is today at 11am!
| http://askbling.com/make97

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