HUGE WSO Swipe Files

WSO Swipe File Benefits

Superb.  I reviewed it meself:

I run the site and every now and then request a WSO for review.

Just got me hands on Lucas’ product and it utterly delivers exactly what it says!

The WSO Swipe Files consist of 11 PDFs that focus on:

  • Pre Headlines
  • Big Headlines
  • Sub Headlines
  • Intros
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Small Headlines
  • Testimonials
  • Guarantees
  • Order Boxes (order boxes!)
  • PSs

and each of those contain the best of the bestselling WSOs copy.

ie, here’s a sample from Order Boxes:

Get … access to the ….. and use it all you
…. for … days. If for any reason you are …. with your
purchase, you will receive a …. hassle-free refund.

(I blanked out the action words, but wow …. I’ll most likely be using that example in me next WSO!).

Not only that, but you can copy and paste each swipe file part as you’d like (ie, you don’t have to retype anything, making it easy easy easy to use!).

Definitely a no-brainer – fantastic finger-tip resources. Two thumbs up!

This product helps you by showing you how to really find out the true workings of folks online.

Click on Honorable Samurai below to learn more!

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