Heartwarming display at the water park (you’ll love the aftermath too!

So here I am at the Great Wolf
waterpark thingee. It’s been quite
the adventure indeed!

And remember when I talked about
me going on the big huge Water Ride
of Doom with my kids? They loved that
so much!

Not only that, however. I saw bunches
of families there too…there was this
one group of small children where
the little boy was simply afraid of
the wave pool. Nothing would get
him into it…until another sibling
(sister?) gently took him by the
hand and helped him conquer his
fears. Such a happy kid afterwards….
smiling and playing!

You know something…. family just
plain *rocks*. When you are afraid
of something, or you want to learn
something…..when you’re truly
blessed in life, you have people you
can count on to make it work all
the way.

Ever wish you had something like
that in marketing too?

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Grow strong,

Barbara Take Control! Ling

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