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| oOo ==> EngageRocket Facebook covert viral technique

| http://askbling.com/erocket

| WHY: WP Plugin that Leverages Word-of-mouth marketing
| similar to what GoodReads, Slideshare, Nike and more does!

Headsup: this just released!

| oOo ==> Allows visitors to share via NEW Opengraph search
| http://askbling.com/erocket

Ever see status updates in your timeline or news
feed like this…
John Jones is Listening to Lindsey Stirling on Spotify
==> This is the kind of technology you’ll have…
Barb Ling just ran 3.5 miles in Downtown Vegas
using MapMyRun
Ben Thompson Liked a photo on Instagram
Christopher Peck finished reading The Name of the
Wind on Goodreads
That uses the brand new OpenGraph Technology…
behind the scenes.
It’s where you see your FB connections engaging with
things like Books, Movies, Products, Music, Recipes,
Content, etc…
Thing is…at this point only the large brands and
apps are utilizing it.
…until now.
==> Start leveraging it today by…
Now marketers can leverage the Open Graph to…
– Increases Social Engagement
– Generate Heaps ‘o VIRAL Traffic
– Build an Email List on Auto-Pilot
Best part is that all of this VIRAL traffic is driven
by *connections* on the Open Graph and this *new* form
of Word-of-Mouth marketing!

Good stuff indeed.

Let me know what you think!

Grow strong,

Barbara Kick Fate in the Right Direction!! Ling

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