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Editor’s Note – Smart authorities online outsource whatever
needs to be done, leaving them with the more profitable
activities. Here’s a compilation by a marketer who knows
how to make this work to your *best* advantage….enjoy!
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Hey there,

I’m writing to you from Las Vegas where I’ll be
speaking this Saturday! And because of my
current commitments – my apologies, the following
I almost missed telling you about (it’s by Tim
Castleman who reveals the outsourcers *he*

No matter *what* your marketing niche is….
one thing remains constant.

Did you know that one way the smart authorities
always seem to have to time to create tremendous
value and dynamite products?
It’s because they outsource the technical/time-wasting
aspects of their business.

Ever wish you had a list of 175+ top-quality
vendors from Fiverr who could be counted on to
do what you need TODAY with fantastic results?

If so, this is closing tonight (honestly you do NOT
want to miss this)

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We’re talking things like:

Want to increase your online rankings? DONE.
In as little as 24 hours, you can get experts to:
Set up your social media accounts for you or your client so you can automatically spread your content to 51 social media networks, optimize your social bookmarking and get high quality social backlinks….
Create Yahoo Level 2 accounts for high authority backlinks to boost rankings and increase your online presence…
Get high authority edu, high PR, blogroll and blog comment backlink pyramids or Angela style backlinks done in as little as 3 days!
Or video marketing?
Want to develop or strengthen your brand through video marketing? DONE.
In order to increase the visibility of your videos, you need to have Youtube Subscribers.
This will help your video channel go viral and get even more exposure.
Create a great first impression on your viewers…
Positive SEO signal…
Get to the top of search engines and Youtube search results…
Get higher views on your related videos…
Bring more traffic and views for your video…
Have likes that stick on your videos (unlike other similar services that deliver likes and subscribers that drop right off)

| oOo ==> Done For You List Rolodex!
| (175+ vetted vendor list compiled *for* you)
| http://askbling.com/eoutsourcing

These outsourcers were personally verified by the creator to be:
100% safety and money back guaranteed…
REAL accounts so there is absolutely NO RISK of harming your account.
The outsourcers I’ve compiled will get you REAL (not fake and spammy) Youtube likes and subscribers
Here are other video related services these outsourcers will do for you…
Account Setup
Get as many Youtube accounts set up for you, so you can start dominating the video space.
Traffic Geyser Setup
Traffic Geyser is still one of the best video distribution services out there.
But setting up over a dozen video accounts DOES NOT MAKE YOU MONEY!
But that’s what you need to USE Traffic Geyser, right?
That’s why you need to get someone else to do it for you.
Not to mention Youtube custom background creation… Imagine your customer seeing the same look and feel of your brand on everywhere…
Get 24 hour turn around time on logos, video creation, video editing, video voiceovers and promotion…
Want Quick-Turnaround, High-Impact
Graphic Design?
You will get access to top-designers that will create high-impact and custom graphic designs as fast as 12 hours.
Many will even allow you to get the photoshop file so you can make your own adjustments.
You’ve got to see the quality of the work you’re going to get with these outsourcers….
Tremendous value is waiting for you.

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| (175+ vetted vendor list compiled *for* you)
| http://askbling.com/eoutsourcing
Again, this closing tonight (my apologies!) so yep.

Don’t let this pass you by.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

PS – I like the done-for-you aspect especially…how about you?
| http://askbling.com/eoutsourcing
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