HEADSUP – CLOSING Soon – Imagine Knowing Your eMail Contacts’ FULL FB/Google+ Demographics

| oOo ==> SendReach/List Animal Autoresponder 2.0 (offer ending)

| http://awpt.co/fHoCi?e=

| WHY: Powerful autoresponder 2.0 service that is finally going out of

| beta – can get lifetime membership option (which I bought myself!)


Headsup, my apologies here – I missed alerting you to the fact:

| oOo ==> Fully Integrated Social Media Autoresponder

| http://awpt.co/fHoCi?e=

is officially launching next week!

This autoresponder service has been a looong
time in coming and I bought into it back
in early 2013. They’ve been rebranding
themselves as SendReach (and my 350+ lists
are being imported as we speak – yay!)
and here’s why getting in at one lifetime
cost is cool:

It gives you full Facebook and Google+
information, ie, the demographics of your list.

So, your contacts might also have information
about the person’s


Thus, you can now send out emails targeted
to men in San Francisco, CA, or women
in their 30s in Denver, Colorado, who like
skiing as well!

| oOo ==> QR codes as well….

| http://awpt.co/fHoCi?e=

In addition, there are List Segmentation
wizards (further separate your list into
buyers etc.)

Demographic QR codes

Social Media Integration!

To wit:

There are a variety of Facebook Links, Buttons and Plugins,
and for Google. Using any of those Facebook or
Google Entry Points pre-populates the subscriber
form or plugin with the User profile demographics
those programs have on record.
This makes the subscribing process very user friendly,
and provides far more information for the
SR List record than would otherwise be available.

And it’s all verified.

Right now, it’s a one time payment…
next week, that changes to monthly!

So if getting the most value intrigues you:

| oOo ==> SendReach/List Animal (offer ending)

| http://askbling.com/listanimal

Do let me know what you think!

We now return you to our regular

Grow strong,

Barbara Know Thy List! Ling

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