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It’s Sunday evenin’ and in about an hour
or so, Honorable Daughter 1 should be returning
from Canada (yay!). From what I’ve heard,
she’s had a grand time with the band…..
so glad she was to experience it (even IF
*her* bus didn’t break down like it did for
me 31 years ago on *my* band trip!) 🙂

And how did Sunday treat you? Me,
I actually did manage (stop laughing!)
to take it easy and rest and recharge
for this week – yay!

I’d love to hear your day!

Got bunches to share but first!

==> Spring is on its way!

So funny! 🙂

And onto today!

Brief, pithy and to the point – first
time I’ve seen this! And it’s such a brilliant
idea to boot…

You’ve heard of Google Trends? It’s
a nifty Google service that lets you
see what trends are growing day by
day, over at


Now, ask yourself…

What if you could instantly optimize your
site to focus on current trending keywords?
It will help your site ALWAYS stay ahead
of the others!

Not only that:

For example, if you run an affiliate website
for iPhone 4, and suddenly iPhone 5 starts
GTrend Traffic Magnet would optimize your
site for iPhone 5

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Not only that, but for 7 days only, an option
is being released WITH PLR rights too….
meaning you can upload it to *your* site,
sell it and keep 100% of the profits to boot.

So….not only can you increase your sites’
SEO for trending keywords (organic traffic!)…
but you can *also* profit from the product


So if fresh organic traffic appeals to you
(plus PLR rights…woot!)

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Next, offline you like?

I’m always thrilled when Ms. Motivation
releases her latest Offline PLR packs, because
her delivery and quality are always above
and beyond the thundering herd.

And if you’re in offline…lookie here!

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Do you do offline? If so, consider this:

If you take a look around the search engines at some of the
websites of local businesses in your area, you will see that
they are probably not getting any results with them because:

They load slowly

They are not visually appealing

They do not have a strong call-to-action

Their contact information is not clearly visible

They have stale, old, or irrelevant content

and many other reasons!
This is why they need help from marketing professionals
who understand what it takes to make a website PROFITABLE…
And this is where you come in!

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Don’t forget this mornings:

Been 3 days so far…and the stuff
I’m sharing in my private mastermind….oooo!

It’s amazing the goodies you find when
you take advantage of RSS like I show you in

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In other words, I discovered and then wrote about:

Have YOU Been Cultivating Twitter Vines?

Have YOU been cultivating Twitter Vines lately?

I used my 1000+ categorized RSS feeds to easily
zero in on the above (did I mention that will be
made available to my students?), wrote about it,
FB’ed it, and will be doing several other thingees
with it too!

Would you like to know what else I’m sharing
(the information for the Mastermind shows
up towards the end of the webinar):

Look at the automatically generated
content over at


I’m using RSS to generate all of this….
and that means my affiliate/product
links get shared far and wide…automatically!

See, I’ve been online now since 1986….
been building websites ever since
the first browser emerged in 1994, and
have been marketing online since 1997.

And during that time, I’ve both learned…
and taught myself…really simple stuff
that makes growing my online authority
hands off *and* automatic.

That’s what I show you at:

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In this actionable dynamic webinar replay, you’ll learn:

1.) Why this authority? (How It Will Benefit You)
2.) The Niche Master (Become THE Authority)
3.) Building A Niche Honeypot (Attraction Marketing)
4.) Social Automation Samurai (Your OWN Social Headlines)
5.) eMail Marketing Steroids (Promotional Seeding)
6.) BONUS: Affiliate
Link Longevity

All for zero cost. Quick actionable content
you can start to use today!

I love teaching and it shows – the audience
response was truly amazing and the positive
testimonials grand!

Because you’re on my list, I really would
love for you to take advantage of this knowledge…
it’s the kind of stuff most covert marketers
*never* share. But I do! 🙂
| Be sure to watch the instant authority part….
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/

Next, do you do CPA?

If so, you’ll be interested to hear about:

==> CPA Thunderstrike

This is a straightforward how-to guide
on targeting your audiences *demographics*
to your CPA offers. Good stuff!

Don’t forget about yesterdays:

And FB?

Have you ever heard of IKEA?
It’s a fantastic humongous furniture store
where parents take their kids for meatballs
and character-building furniture (Honorable
Boys I and II are now trying to hammer their
desks together. Hammering a nuclear rocket
probably would be easier, but hey. I digress. 🙂 )

See, I love IKEA. You can get an entire marketers’
education on just how they lay out their stores! The fact
NOTHING is in a straight line, the way they compel
buyers to walk through all those ‘must have!’ goodies
and more……

They have it down to a fine art indeed. As a matter of
fact, I just returned from there; my kids now have
their loft beds and desks, while I have my aching
feet. 🙂 Idjut me forgot to bring my cane and, well….
yep. Paying for that now!

But what I wanted to share with you was the following.
IKEA lays out their stores in such a way that customers
HAVE to stroll by their must buy goodies….making
impulse purchases sooooo easy! And not only that…
they happily share their purchases with their
friends, facebook their adventures and the like.

The result? TREMENDOUS visibility for IKEA!

And it’s done in such a simple fashion….buyers
don’t even realize they’re being led.

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers would
follow what you create in the same way? I mean,
perhaps they’ll find you on your FB page, right?

But what if…what if they aren’t aware of your
page? They’d love the content if they knew
about it, sure, but maybe they never heard of
you, or even…maybe they’re not ON Facebook
where you are.

But if they DID know about you, oh wow!
Wouldn’t that be grand?

| oOo ==> The following webinar shows how to do that
| and more!
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/

Sure it would! But the problem there would be….
think of the extra time it would take to get your
information to WHERE your customers ARE.
Where would you even start?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful that wasn’t an issue?
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to broadcast
your FB content *automatically*….so customers
can’t help but find you? So for example, you update
your authority site and *instantly*…. all your other
sites update too!

I don’t just think so…I know so! Because I’m
currently doing that myself. So cool!

And you can do it too. For zero cost!

| oOo ==> 13:45 on the replay talks about FB but oh!
| The other things I share!
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi2/

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain
to touch base with you bright and early tomorrow
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitably Fun!


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