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Whats that?

You want GREEN?

Well then!

The go-green niche…it’s a Multi Billion dollar industry.

Wouldn’t it be spiffy indeed if you had all the ways to
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Not to mention:

This plugin is something all WP site owners
should use!!
You know how changing the look and feel of your
paragraphs and heading 1 and heading 2 etc.etc.etc.
usually has to be done via shortcodes, or maybe manually
tweebalating the CSS or…. ?

Want a simple plugin to do it all for you?

If so:

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Seriously…just look at the video and product images
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Not only that…but the low price delivers to you
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The developers option is the upsell so you can
include this on sites you build for clients as well. SWEET!

So if making your life simple appeals to you….

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Looking for a creative way for long-term
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The business model definitely is sound and made
in such a way, it’s newbie friendly too. Woot!

And did you catch:

You’re familiar with how popular viral images can be online…

Ever wonder how you could actually *profit* from them
as well?

The brilliant Martha, Ed and Ed has *just* released

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Just LOOK at what’s waiting for you!!

* Images with ads on Facebook!

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* Images in your Sales Letters!

* Images with Youtube and Animoto!


We’re talking….GRAND. And the OTO is sooo
sweet – royalty free images you can use for
any purpose at all!
So if you’ve been searching for

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And don’t forget yesterdays:

Tired of the same old ways of profiting online?
If so, this is really creative!

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This is a collection of ways you’d never think
to profit online…ranging from the embarrassing
to the brilliant to the gee I could do that woohoo!
Definitely an eyeopener.

And did you see:

Brief, pithy and to the point!
Looking for done-for-you Amazon goodness in
the form of appliances?

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It even includes doc-sharing bonuses as well!
So if you’re into maxing out the holiday profits….

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What’s that?

You want copywriting brilliance instead?

Grand grand and, well, *grand*.

Judy K, behind-the-scenes copywriter to some of
*the* most successful WSOTD sales letters, has
*just released (at Dimesale too!):

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This is a quick-read super-smart blueprint
about the psychology of sales letters and how
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I chat with Judy daily…and her insights just
plain *rock*. She knows this stuff backwards
and forwards….and wow, does it ever show!

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And did you see:

Instead of doing PPC for yourself….

Have you ever considered:

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This is a collection of step-by-step videos
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seeing the results theywant.

From there, you’re shown how you can increase
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So if you’d like a monthly retainer way
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Looking for sheer quality AND quantity?

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This is a huge, value-packed goodie from
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Plus did you see:

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That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

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Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
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Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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