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| oOo ==> WikiWizard Backlink Software

| http://awpt.co/jnneZ?e=


| WHY: Power backlink-building software to over 500

| Wiki sites … automation and more!




It’s Wednesday evenin’ and how has the
day treated you? Over here in LingLand,
I bravely tackled shopping at Costco….
and yep.

It’s going to take months before I can
walk normally. WAH! But hey, these
things happen….so I’m just taking it,
one day at a time.
Other good news! Honorable Boy II,
the one who gets horribly embarrassed
whenever someone compliments him,
gave himself permission to ask his band
director to play in the Advanced Band…
and his request was granted! SOOO love
seeing courage manifest itself for him…woot!

‘Sides that, yep….all around a good day.
I made a video tribute to my mentor,
Dr. Ben Adkins, over at


So grateful to have learned sooo much!

And onto today!

Ever want backlinks and authority….
with the ease of software to make it so?

Well then!

It’s what having YOUR content on Wiki sites
delivers to you! Thing is, though….

Wikizing can be *time* consuming….unless you

have software that does it for you!


| oOo ==> Comes Preloaded with 500 Wiki Sites
| http://awpt.co/jnneZ?e=

If you’re into heavy-duty automated link building,
what this site does is automatically create your
wiki accounts and automatically submit your
content/keyword links/etc.

One review I saw included:
…It automatically created the wiki accounts and posted to them
either straight away or I could set up a schedule for automatic posting.
Captchas were solved automatically or I could set those awkward little
visual ones to be ignored for running through manually later. Loading in
my existing lists of urls for tiered linkbuilding was easy. In fact
everything was easy and I am not the fastest learner on the planet….
The wikis it scraped were pertinent to the keywords I entered and
that alone would have taken me many hours to do manually. Using just
this software I saw ranking improvements on my test site within a few
So yep…this certainly looks like a quality comprehensive
Wiki power tool that will save you *hours* of research
time…AND spin/post your articles to your heart’s content.


So if gaining superb backlinks to your sites
via the power of wikis attracts you….

| oOo ==> Using Buffer sites…such a smart idea!
| http://askbling.com/wikiwiz

What’s that?

You want Offline goodness?

Well then!

You know how professionally-done videos/voice overs
etc. cost you an arm and an earlobe to the tune of
several hundred dollars?

And how gaining new offline clients is MUCH
easier when you have the done-for-you materials…
Done For YOU?

Can you IMAGINE how much making something like
that…NICHE-specific….would be?


But it doesn’t have to be that way ’cause
(and kindly please play the sound of trumpets
in you mind, I’ll wait….)


| oOo ==> Orthodontist Reputation Management/Online Presence

| http://askbling.com/orthoa|

| oOo ==> Auto Repair! Reputation Management/Online Presence
| http://askbling.com/autorepaira

| oOo ==> Offline Niche Attack Pack – Plumbers

| http://awpt.co/YnXUg?e=|
| oOo ==> Offline Niche Attack Pack – Roofers
| http://awpt.co/8ATvf?e=

The first 2 awesomely luscious professional done goodies
give you:

* Custom Video

* Professional Voiceover Actor

* Video grapher aftereffects

* Postcard series


And the second two give you

* PLR Report

* Whiteboard video

* Squeeze Page

* Lead Gen

* Autoresponder


Nice! And you can use this as YOUR calling card
and beyond…immediately marking YOU as THE
professional from the get-go!

So if getting 100s of dollars of quality for
a ridiculous price flaps your earlobes:

| oOo ==> Orthodontist Reputation Management/Online Presence

| http://askbling.com/orthoa|

| oOo ==> Auto Repair! Reputation Management/Online Presence
| http://askbling.com/autorepaira

| oOo ==> Offline Niche Attack Pack – Plumbers

| http://awpt.co/YnXUg?e=|
| oOo ==> Offline Niche Attack Pack – Roofers
| http://awpt.co/8ATvf?e=
And Amazon!

It’s getting to be that time of year again!
Spring cleaning!

And if you’re into Affiliate/Amazon/PLR
goodness, what better way to dominate this niche
than Mike McKay’s latest goodness:

| oOo ==> Hundreds of clean energy exact match…
| http://awpt.co/Cjnem?e=

This contains:

* 100s of exact name matches

* 50 High Def Amazon Affiliate Spring Cleaning videos (all products OVER $100)

* 90+ Spring Cleaning PLR Articles you can spin/blog/etc.

* 3 Spring Cleaning eBooks PLR!

* Headers!

* Footers!

* Automatic blog posting plugin!

So if you want a headstart in crushing the
Spring Cleaning Niche:

| oOo ==> Done for you EVERYTHING for Spring Cleaning 2013!
| http://askbling.com/springcleana3

Don’t forget this mornings:

Before I do ANYTHING today – I want to give
you those gifts I had mentioned yesterday (but
collapsed in a heap before sending:

==> 13 of my FIRST products

No optins, no nothing….just visit that page and
click on whatever of the 13 products you want to download!

Couple of things to mention.

1.) The dwso products – those are the PLR
that I made from categorizing ALL the launches
that happened during those months. I didn’t
have to write a word, really, just copied/pasted
the information. That’s how I began!

2.) The Max Your Holiday Profits – that
was my ‘kitchen sink’ product – dozens
and dozens of pages that folks later said,
there’s too much content, it’s too good.
Sigh. I had written 25 steps for the 25
days in December…never made THAT mistake

And the others, well, enjoy them! They
show you the growth I experienced as a
product creator…and it’s actionable steps
you can apply yourself. Yay!

Today, expect some headsup from me about
Wiki goodness and also another Amazon PLR
pack. Woot!

Got lots to share but first:

Behold the Ninja!!!


And onto today!

Ever wish you could power yourself to up
to peak performance, day after day?

If so, lookie here!

| oOo ==> Never Have A Bad Day Again!
| http://askbling.com/greatdays

This is by Rachel Rofe, she of the Cover Magazine
fame and bunches others. Hugely known as a powerful
positive force in Internet Marketing, her ideas
aren’t just theory – she *lives* them and *profits*
by them to boot. Nice!

And did you see:

My apologies – I was so busy with my
internal launch this weekend, this goodie
crossed my desk 2 days ago. But here it
is now!

You might be aware of the power of FB ads
for marketing – by smart targeting of your demographics,
you can drive down your cost per click (I got to
4/5 of a penny myself) and get the word out
to your future colleagues.

Nice! It’s one reason why I now have a 34K
moose page and other page with over 67K

Wouldn’t it be super cool, however, if you
were ALSO able to grab ALL the members
of a targeted FB *group*…and advertise
*directl* to them?


| oOo ==> Software that finds all the USER ideas and then…
| http://awpt.co/RmECi?e=

This cool software lets you uncover people who have
proactively clicked to join a group (ie, not just ‘liked’ a
page for their friends)…

Find their FB IDs…

Export them to a CVS file…

Where you can then upload them for
your ads campaign.

BAM. Done. No tedious research, the:

| oOo ==> Software works automatically!
| http://awpt.co/RmECi?e=

Don’t forget yesterdays:

Wanna know the background story?
I wrote this earlier today…..

I’m sooo utterly drained the only thing for which
I have energy now is ice cream! 🙂

See, I just finished giving my first
paid webinar for my first paid $97 class.
And it went grand! I ended up crying at the
end….because I realized that….

I DID IT! I went PAST my comfort boundaries…
and I DID IT!

I owe a *lot* of that to Dr. Ben Adkins.

When you consider I started at 97 cent
products for strict listbuilding…..and moved
to where I am now…..


Honestly, I have to credit Dr. Ben Adkins, my
mentor, with a huge amount of, well, credit. 🙂

See, it was back in early 2012 when I myself

| oOo ==> Mastermind: Weekly Product How-tos!
| http://barbaraling.com/seemore/syndicate.php

Ben opened my eyes to sooo many things, most

1.) You do NOT have to kill yourself making
2 products a week!

2.) You start to make money when you STOP focusing
on money as the only reason to be in your niche

3.) You HAVE to start valuing yourself
and what you have to offer!

What I REALLY love about the man is that
although he’ll guide you, he will NOT insist you
follow his ideas. So there were several launches
Doo dah, doo dah!

And I realized that, well, he was *right*.

Honestly…if you WANT to get out of your
comfort zone and get tremendously stellar
guidance….a paid mastermind is definitely
the way to go….and Dr. Ben’s is one of the best!

| oOo ==> Take it to YOUR next level

| http://barbaraling.com/seemore/syndicate.php
And did you see:

Did you catch Jason’s webinar of:

| oOo ==> Pure, Unadulterated Product Creation Secrets 5pm EST

| http://awpt.co/nuKt4?e=

Oh it was grand! I listened for quite awhile
and the insights he shared! I love his idea of
one sitting product creation – ie,

You done anyone a favor by explaining in
50 minutes what can be done in 5!

Good stuff indeed, check it out!

What’s that?

Video you crave?

Well then!

I’m going to tell you a word and I want to know…

How do you *feel*?

Here goes:


Stop hiding! 🙂

See, the thing about video…is once you know
*how* to create compelling calls to action/engage/
etc, your conversions could increase beautifully!

If you’re like I used to be…and HATE video,
I think you’re going to enjoy the following!

I learned about this last week – Joey pinged
me on FB to ask if I’d be willing to check out
his launch. Well, the thing was… I was soo
busy getting my own launch ready, I, well,
….. didn’t. 🙁

But! I *was* able to check it out this afternoon,
and can definitely recommend it!

| oOo ==> Dozens of easy-to-follow how-tos
| http://awpt.co/RaW6A?e=

This is an A-Z how-to for all (as in ALL)
aspects of video marketing, ranging from

knowing your viewer to grabbing attention
to showcasing the solution to making
the offer to storytelling to final editing to
over-the-shoulder to….

But it doesn’t end there!

Included are tutorials for Video Creation
Theory like:

This module is all about writing script for
your videos. You will learn the exact structure and process I go through
every time I create a video. These rules apply to sales videos,
information videos, coaching modules, review videos, or anything else
you can think of.

to even (get this) Film School!

But what I REALLY liked was how Joey
used these techniques to connect with
Alex Jeffreys (big huge marketer) and
get onto his radar.

THAT, my friend….is *powerful*.


So if grabbing *the* powerful techniques
from the guy who runs Jefferies’ video
marketing appeals to you….

| oOo ==> By a professional videographer!
| http://awpt.co/RaW6A?e=

That about covers it for now…woot! And

I’ll be sure to touch base with you bright and

early tomorrow with whatever goodness crosses me desk.

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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