Fast Attack Google Plus Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Fast Attack Google Plus Locker Benefits

This is a wordpress plugin installs instantly and allows you to hide content of ANY type (article text, embedded video, pdf report, etc) behind a Google +1 OR Tweet This button click on your sites.

Really neat concept:

1. A visitor searching for say “dog training tips for Labradors” clicks a link and winds up at your Labrador dog training page.

2. They begin reading an article you’ve got on your site called “5 Ways To Get Your Lab To Stop Peeing On The Carpet.”

3. Halfway through the article it stops, with a call-to-action sentence that reads:

“For the last 3 tips, including a trick developed by the greatest dog-trainer alive, please click the Google +1 button below now.”

4. The visitor follows the instruction and quickly clicks the +1 button…and BOOM, the final half of the article they were reading appears right on the page for them to enjoy (hopefully with your own dog-training affiliate links at the end).

This product helps you by giving you tons of resources at your fingertips that you can also personalize with your own affiliate links.


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