How One Bona Fide Warrior Marketer Did It (Fast Action Hero)

How One Bona Fide Warrior Marketer Did It Benefits

It gives you a 1 hour look at how one warrior marketer (Russ Ruffino) changed his mindset and made it big.

You get:

a 60-minute interview with Russ,  detailing his rise from obscurity to Warrior Fame.

It covers things like:
– Why he chose product creation over affiliate marketing

– The importance of his going FULL-TILT into full-time Internet Marketing, despite not having the savings or I.M. earnings to back up that decision

– The mindset qualities that allowed him to create a lot of value more quickly than most newbies

– Some of the tactics he used for product creation, traffic generation, and such

– While Russ is squarely in the Make Money Online niche, he has differentiated himself by waking up and asking:
“What tangible value can I ad for my subscribers today?
What real problem can I solve for my subscribers today?”

versus what he used to ask himself every morning:
“How can I make money today?”

That simple tweak has mad a HUGE difference in the type of products he’s created, the way he’s communicated with his list,
and the response he’s received as a result.

What you will not get is:
– A specific quick-and-dirty tactic to make fast money

If I had to categorize the case study in a broad stroke, I’d position it as a “success mindset for fast results” case study.

The irony? Is that it doesn’t involve secret tactics just being revealed for the first time ever.  But it does show that the way Russ approached Internet Marketing, as a newbie, worked incredibly well.

It’s at the very least a reminder and nudge back to the building of solid business fundamentals, for those of us caught in the loop of looking for the next “bright shiny object”, next “holy grail solution”, or the next “one ring to rule them all” WSO.

This product is useful because you get straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say, how one newbie became incredibly successful.

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