Facebook grows your authority but BEFORE that happens….

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Did you know that Facebook is an excellent
proving ground for growing your own authority

I’ve already walked the walk I talk about it –
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But before you can grow your authority…
you need to learn how Facebook can be used
for pure *marketing* as well.

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Beginners Facebook Marketing Mindset
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Secret #3 – FB Connections (Into and Out of)
Secret #4 – Cake Baking/Chat Taming (Networking On YOUR Terms)
Secret #5 – Fly on the Wall (niche updates), Google RSS
Secret #6 – FB Pages 2.0 (autoupdate to other other properties)

Facebook Community Building
Secret #1 – No Brainer Niche Picking (what you enjoy)
Secret #2 – Penny Click Ads (all about ads)
Secret #3 – FB Begone! (moving communty OFF of FB)
Secret #4 – Personal Branding (coffee mornings)
Secret #5 – HandsOff Content Creation (weekly contests/etc.)

Facebook Money Making
Secret #1 – Affiliate Launchpad (DailyWSOs)
Secret #2 – Picture Profits (linking photos with money links
Secret #3 – Launch Rocket Fuel (promoting your launches)
Secret #4 – Profitable List Building (Building list while promoting OTHER launches)

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Barbara Ling

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