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It’s Wednesday evenin’ and I am all IKEA’ed
out. Turns out Honorable Boy 1 got the wrong
desk (Honorable Girl II took down the wrong number)
and also, HG1 asked for a chair (she was in Canada
during our last IKEA run).

Sooooo…exhausted. Drained. Utterly spent.
But it’s all good – kids are learning to work as
a team. Woot!

Got lots to share but first:

About Hatred:

Powerful, aye?

And onto today!

I always love it when Justin releases
his quality PLR content! The man is known
for over-delivering when it comes to done-for-you

We’re talking:

* 7 motivational videos

* 50 general inspirational quotes videos (videos!)

* 10 motivational articles

* 30 blog posts featuring famous self-help leaders!

* 3 self-help based infographics!

* Lead capture!

* 3 PLR eBooks/reports!


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Honestly….if you want a done-for-you business
in a box (my gosh, the blog posts are INCLUDED!)…

TOTAL no brainer! Not only that….if you feel compelled
yourself to help others out and want content for your FB
page or your other properties, this is utterly….GRAND!!!!

Want that benefits list again?

10 Motivational Articles: 10 articles with web publishing rights.
30 Motivational Blog Posts: featuring famous speakers, authors and topics in self help.
3 Motivational Infographics: with editable PSD graphics files included.
50 Inspirational Quote Videos: insightful quotes covering a variety of topics.
7 Animated Motivational Videos: great for sharing on social sites.
Pre-made Squeeze page for Success Report: includes video file, sales script and minisite template.
Pre-made Squeeze page for Happiness Report: includes video file, sales script and minisite template.
Pre-made Squeeze page for Positive Thinking Report: includes video file, sales script and minisite template.
7 Steps To Happiness Report: 4000+ words editable format and editable ecover included.
7 Steps To Success Report: 4000+ words editable format and editable ecover included.
7 Steps To Positive Thinking Program Report: Ebook AND Audiobook with editable documents, mp3s and editable ecover included.
21 Pre-made autoresponders: 7 per free report listed above.


So if this intrigues you

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First class…tomorrow!


Do you ever find yourself wanting to know things
before anyone else did?

What if I could show you how to easily achieve that…
and make money from it as well?

The replay to this is UP:

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4:10 – True or False – will YOU Pass?

10:13 – The 6 Powerful Techniques You Will Learn In This Webinar

14:38 – Proof These Techniques Work

20:12 – The ONE thing you need for SUCCESSFUL RSS Marketing

24:09 – Why RSS?

35:10 – Become The Niche Master

40:04 – Build A Niche Honeypot

And you’ll also learn in the webinar:

Social Automation Samurai (Your OWN Social Headlines)

eMail Marketing Steroids (Promotional Seeding)

BONUS: Affiliate Link Longevity

At the end, I offer a special link so
you can get into my private mastermind
for this at the lowest price it will ever
be at!

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What’s that?

IT’s WP you want?

Well then!

Hey there,

It’s double-header time!

Do your sites use WordPress? Notice the plural there….
*sites*? As in more than 1? As in when things need
to be updated…..yep.

It’s more fun than buying the wrong desks
from IKEA….twice! Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

And speaking of sites….wouldn’t it
be great if you could easily differentiate yourself
to your visitors to increase your conversions?

If so….lookie here!

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| WHY: Visitor-friendly way of popping up an eye-catching message
| that distinguishes your site from the rest of the faceless blogs…nice!
| oOo ==> Developers Option Included!
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| WHY: Ability to manage ALL of your sites from ONE WP
| installation. Cool!

The first goodie, WP Stealth, gives you
the ability to pop up one of those live-chat-lookie
thingees to welcome visitors to your site…

The second one lets you

* Install/Update/Delete ALL plugins on ALL sites or Selected Sites

* Install/Update/Delete ALL themes on ALL sites or Selected Sites

* Add/Modify/Delete ALL users on ALL sites or Selected Sites

* Add/Modify/Delete ALL setting on ALL sites or Selected Sites

* Create Post/Page on ALL or Selected Sites

Good stuff indeed!

Connecting with your visitors…

Making your life easier….
| oOo ==> Direct your visitors to your best content!
| http://askbling.com/wpstealth
| WHY: Visitor-friendly way of popping up an eye-catching message
| that distinguishes your site from the rest of the faceless blogs…nice!
| oOo ==> Finally manage EVERYTHING from one central area
| http://askbling.com/wpcentral

Before I do ANYTHING – quick! Grab your
paid gift over at


It’s a 100+ page PDF about how to create
content FAST….and wow, is it stellar!
No optins, no price….just click above,
save it to your computer and enjoy!

And…it’s Wednesday! A time of my last eClass!

==> eMail Marketing Mastermind

and the first class in

==> RSS Jedi

as you can tell, the price of EMM has already
doubled as promised last month (still a tremendous
value!) and RSS Jedi just increased as well this morning
(another awesome value!).

These are both at the lowest prices now
you’ll officially see them….if you want to
get the headsup on what I have to share
and make so easy to do, I highly recommend
you getting them.

Today, expect some heads up from me about
social media and self-improvement goodness….

Got lots to share but first:

Seeing sudden RED Equal Signs profiles in Facebook today? Here’s why!

Seeing sudden RED Equal Signs profiles in Facebook today? Here’s why!

Powerful stuff!

And onto today!

Oh this is GRAND and the price is frozen until tonight!

Looking fora way to easily zero in on
copyright-free images?

| oOo ==> WP 50K Stock Photos Images Price Freeze!
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And don’t forget the bonuses mentioned there too!
I’m getting this myself…..

Speaking of WP, let’s talk social!

Looking to make sense of social media?

This got released and if you’ve
ever wondered how you can get your:

* WP site

* FB page

* Twitter profile

* Pinterest boards

* Linked In profile

* GPLUS spot


to play nice (think – post once, go into tons of spots):

| oOo ==> 18 Videos plus mindmaps plus….
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Basically, this product takes you by the hand
and hows you how to get ALL of your social
media working….



So if having a roadmap to building
your expertise and income appeals to you:

| oOo ==> FB group is included!
| http://awpt.co/zDlxA?e=

Don’t forget yesterdays:
Medieval Times – they have a new show! And
during lunch, the food is not as much as dinner.



talks about it a bit – and yes indeed, it certainly was
‘WAY more educational than before! To wit:

the points covered: Back in the 11th century, tables may have been
doused with water but were probably not clean, and animal fats and oils
from small lanterns left an impenetrable stench. In a Monty
Python-esque nod to self-awareness, the king also talks about the
importance of reaction in stage choreography.

(otherwise known for, here’s how a knight SHOULD react
when kicked in the nether regions).

All in all a good time indeed! I’m kinda sorta
exhausted now; lots of driving, lots of dealing
with all the kids….heck, it IS close to midnight
(almost 6pm!).

So please forgive me for my lack of perkiness
and enjoy today’s latest!

I love it when simple things come out that make
my online life simpler.

And this is one of them!

Ever want to backup/duplicate your sites, push-button
simple? That way, even if you’re hacked beyond recognition….
you can always reinstall your last stable copy of your site.


If so, lookie here!

| oOo ==> Use it to transfer sites too!
| http://askbling.com/replikator

This works 2 ways – one, backup your site
easy, and two, populate new sites in seconds.

I like seconds compared to days. How about you?

And get this:

| oOo ==> Developers Rights Included!
| http://askbling.com/replikator
What’s that? Crave Pinterest and CPA you do?

Well then!

Want to master Pinterest as a source of
passive income?

If so, this just crossed my desk:

| oOo ==> Viral Stealth Marketing w/Pinterest!
| http://awpt.co/eMlYV?e=

This is an indepth how to of 60+
pages that take you by the hand and
show you from the beginning how to:

* Setup/optimize your account the *right way*

* Smart branding/board creation techniques

* The TOP 6 profitable niches on Pinterest

* Pinterest Algorithms tricks

* Ramp up your CTR and repins

* More!

What’s really rather nifty is this goes *beyond*
the typical Pinterest surface usage and opens
your mind to bunches of other possibilites
you probably *never* considered before.

If you’re interested in Pinterest from a monetizing
viewpoint….this is definitely something you

want to check out!

| oOo ==> Set up long-term passive income
| http://askbling.com/pinteresttb

And social?

This…is super cool indeed.

You know how Amazon (big huge Amazon)
has the benefits of social proof on all its products?
ie, all the reviews are right there, compelling
other customers to buy?

Wouldn’t it be grand to give that
ability to your customers? (and get this…
developers license is included)….

This just crossed my desk earlier and if you’rean offline client marketer….
oooo you’ll want to read about it.


Because this goodie is a WP plugin that
lets you tie your customers sales into

* FB
* Twitter
* Google+
* LinkedIn

NOt only that – it integrates the ‘rich snippets’ info
that Google loves seeing….

If you’re not familiar with Rich Snippets,
I wrote about ’em at

FREE! The 4 Gloriously Simple Steps To Making Your Content Irresistible To Google: Part 1

And Rich snippets is just *1* thing the Social Review
Engine does for you.

| oOo ==> Instantly let your clients positive reviews go viral
| http://awpt.co/8RIRC?e=

Another bonus which you’ll love is the viral
component – not only can people send YOUR
products Amazon-styled reviews, BUT:

* Your clients can give customer reviewers ‘rewards’

* Your clients can build a buyers’ list FROM the reviewers

* Your clients can *choose* which reviews go viral (reputation management,
done for you!)

* More!

So if you want an extra super-valued service
you can offer your clients…

| oOo ==> Developers License included!
| http://askbling.com/socialre

In other news, my boys’ friend slept over last
night, so I had an extra child to help with the
chores! YAY! ๐Ÿ™‚

Next, do you want a REALLY simple
way to monetize your blogs? If so:

You’re probably aware that sometimes, it’s really
difficult to get your visitors’ mind on buying

But what that opportunity was immediately
available in a tasteful way?

| oOo ==> Shows visitors discounts too!

| http://awpt.co/AMhjS?e=

Honestly, just see that demo….it’s simple,
gentle, grabs attention and is easily closed
by the visitor too!

As you might konw, I’m heavily teaching myself
the art of niching with Amazon….and have all of
George’s other grand plugins. It makes monetizing
sites that much easier…..

How? Like this!

1) It makes you more money on autopilot: You
add the plugin to your blog ONCE and the search bar will continue
working for you forever, sending Amazon commissions your way. The search
results in the bar will also contain a 90-day-cookie (the default
Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours). This means that you can make money
from the same visitor even if they purchase up to 3 months later!
2) It adds value to your blog: The
plugin will add a really cool search bar that allows your visitors to
custom search Amazon – without leaving your site! Your visitors can
find what they want quickly, right from your site. They can search for
items that are sold at a specific discount range (for example, 1-20%).
Hey, we all love a great deal! PLUS, your visitors will absolutely LOVE
playing with this search bar – it can become pretty addictive ๐Ÿ˜‰
3) It’s simple and easy to use: All
the settings can be accessed from a single screen. The functions are
intuitive and don’t need any lengthy user manuals (that nobody likes
to read anyway). Each function has a help link next to it that
provides some advice for that function. But many customers tell us that
they don’t even need to open the help links, because it’s so obvious how
each function works…


So if further monetization is of interest to you….

| oOo ==> Amazon Intelligent Header Search Bar
| http://awpt.co/AMhjS?e=

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain
to check in with you bright and early tomorrow

with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitably Fun!


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