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It’s Wednesday evening (my gosh, is it already
Wednesday?) and how the heck are you today?
Me, I had a coaching call with one of my 2K
students; such a powerful time. It is *grand*
being able to help others find the path they
truly desire!

In other news, BHWB #2 is (as we speak!)
being put up right this very instant – you
can see pix over at my wall:



And over in Perking Up Profits, we talk
about what price ‘value’ really is:


It’s a really good discussion! What’s your take?

Got lot lots to share but first….

Origins of Chocolate!


And onto today!

Did you catch this webinar about, well, webinars?
Special price goes byebye on Friday!

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Next, have you been noticing the trends of cartoons

in products, posts, blogs and more?

Aren’t they neat? Cartoons can really
*connect* with an audience….but the thing
is, most expensive indeed they can be.

Which is why this is pretty nifty!

Ever want to use cartoons and avatars to
showcase your style….but didn’t want to
pay an arm and an earlobe?

If so, the LATEST of this toolkit has JUST
been released!

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People have a gut reaction to cartoons –
they put them in a very receptive buying
mood indeed!

So if you’re looking for a classy way to
add punch to your goodness:

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What’s that? PLR you want?

Well then!

Product: Includes done-for-you reviews AND…
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Niche: Evergreen Done For You Embarrassing Riches Niche!
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Don’t forget this mornings:


It’s Wednesday morning and to say I started
coughing out my earlobes today….understatement
of the year. Lousy night so the husband took the
kids to school and I’m now just starting the day.

And how are you? Today, I’m preparing for my
Facebook Espresso release on Friday, plus chatting
with a coaching client and overall being productive.
You? I’d love to hear!

Oh yes and! I wrote my 10 Best Practices for
emotional headlineizing over at


I think you’ll find it most educational indeed!

And onto today!


Just lookie at ’em all:


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Not to mention, I’m going to give a FB Espresso
webinar on Friday, woohoo! More on that later,
but ask to join


to be alerted!

Don’t forget yesterdays:


It’s Tuesday evenin’, and how the heck
has today treated you? Me, we have the
Big Huge White Board II saga (yes! Another
one is in my house!) and that should be
grand indeed.

Plus – biopsy results came back and I do NOT
have cancer (big yay!) – was worried about that
for several months now. Such a relief….it’s
been a *long* time now.

In other news, did you catch the Infographic
goodness I shared over at


This is stuff you can reference in your blogs and FB
postings too…nice!

Got lots to share but first:

When HD2 says ‘Stand on your head you do it!


And onto today!

Looking to profit from webinars?
Here’s a 0 cost goodie that goes live

Webinar *Legend*


Good stuff will be shared!


You’re familiar with the scratch-off tickets
you can get at grocery stores or appear in

Get this – you can now embed that in your
*mobile* AND *desktop* clients!

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See, scratch cards are:

* Interactive

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Just think how that would play out
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And it’s sooo easy – just make install the plugin,
make a page, choose a prize and publish. Cool!

So if you’d like the kind of viral sharing
something this fun would offer:

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What’s that?

You’d like FB competition goodies instead?

Well then!

Everyone loves games and fun on the Internet…
and this goodie recently came out (90% off!) that allows
you to tap into the contest craze at hugely attractive savings!

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What I like about this is:

They include advanced gaming algorithms to keep
people who are fraudulently trying to game your platform.

And are you worried about permission?

There’s verified entry! That flows so leads aren’t eligible to
win until they *confirm* by double opt-in. Neat!

Plus, there’s a 1-click Facebook installation and
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Not to mention:

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Don’t forget this mornings:

It’s Tuesday morning and I hope today treats
you better than me – woke up at 2am with bunches
of allergies (I *hope* its allergies) and am now
taking it SOOO easy indeed.

I just checked Google News – no claims for
responsibility in the Boston Marathon yesterday.
The photos that are emerging…horrid. I so wish
the public would have some sensitivity for those
who are actually *living* it….

Here’s the RSS feed for it if you want to
add it to your feedreaders.


In other news, I’m going to be releasing a paid web ticket
event for product creation to my group over at


It’s a closed group but just request..and I’ll add you!
I woke up to realizing we have 300 members how
and the quality of content being shared….grand!

Got lots to share but first:

False Positives? Fix Them Here

And onto today!
Today, expect some headsup from me regarding
a very engaging WP plugin and also Fiverr GIGness
…good stuff indeed.


Want a powerful listbuilding ability *within*
FB….so your visitors don’t even have to click TO
your hosted optin page?

If so, check this out!

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What’s sooo cool about this particular
FB goodie is if you’re building a list via
FB via your fanpage, you no longer have
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(see that optin?)

Instead you can have a vivid, slick
professional optin *within* your Facebook
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Want to increase your authority backlinks online?

If so, check this newly released goodie out:

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The cool thing about that is….lots of these
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And did I mention….

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Next, want to build your fan page via

The following got grand reviews:

FB Fanpage Giveways!

To quote the author:
Facebook giveaways to get viral shares and the
number of fans on my page literally exploded –
and the best part was I’ve still haven’t run out of
completely free traffic going to that page on a daily basis.

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to check in with you bright and early tomorrow

with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitably Fun!

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