[ ENERGY PLR Reopened ] I have a FrankenFoot, NO POWER YET, PLR, Offline, more!


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It’s Thursday evenin and I just returned
from NYC to have my ankle recasted and have been

It’s perfect for Saturday’s launch
of Easy Frankenstorm Profits because
said foot looks like a FrankenFoot.

See for yourself (warning: graphic!)

I ended up holding onto my hair to keep my sanity…
wow was that ever excruciating!!!!! But it had to be

done, so….yep….onto the next phase of recovery!

And tomorrow is Friday and perhaps…
might there power in my house, you think?
My gosh I sure hope so! Did a grand amount
of work at Starbucks, mind you….but home.

I miss it. And me moosies!

And onto today!

I was told by several folk that the Energy PLR
was sold out, so I asked if I could offer extra copies
to my list.


Looking for Clickbank Solar/Energy PLR?
If so:

Product: Includes 1000s exact match domains AND…

Niche: Evergreen Affiliate Solar Power, Renewable Energy, Clickbank
Why you want to buy it:

Because of the done-for-you-ness – it gives you over:

* 125 PLR Solar Power/Energy articles

* PLR ebooks for Solar Power/Energy

* 25 High Quality Product Reviews you can insert your CB affiliate link into

* 30 Niche-specific Graphics
* 100s of exact-match domain name keywords

And did you see:

I’m always thrilled whenever Ms. Motivation releases her
offline PLR packs…and this is no different!!


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This goodie comes in two delicious options –
one, the basic, with all the editable reputation
management reports, Squeezes page, graphics
and the like, and the upgrade, which gives you
(get this!)

* 2 HUGE reputation management reports you can put your own name on

* 5 Part Autoresponder Followup (ooooo!)

* Closing Powerpoint (source!)

* PLR rights to FEEDBACK report (nice!)

* 12 Online Customer Review Videos! (REALLY NEEED to see those vids)


So if Done For You Offline PLR flaps YOUR earlobes:

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What’s that?

You want offline instead?

Speed Draw 1 was hugely popular and guess what!

SpeedDraw 2 has JUST (as in JUST, as in get there
now!) been released!

This is a grand PLR of the popular speed-draw technology….
geared towards educating and entrancing offline businesses
about the benefits of SMS, mobile, etc.

| oOo ==> Highly Engaging!
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It comes with so much! including:

* US Voice over

* UK Voice over

* AUS Voice over

* No Voice over!

* Lead Capture Page

* Leads Spreadsheet

* MORE! (as in, flyers and …)


So if you want super excellent professional quality
for your offline goodness:

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Speaking of dominating…

You’ve probably heard of Foursquare, right?

Ever wish you knew how to use it to help offline
clients utterly dominate their niche?

It’s got SO much more than plain simple checkins!

| oOo ==> Make it…irresistible!
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Amanda REALLY hits it out of the ballpark with this –
not only do you get all the insider tips with Foursquare
but she also explains:

* The 7 Different Types of Specials

* Customer Acquisition Specials

* Customer Retention Specials

* (are you starting to see the potential of this?)

* Mayor Specials

* Flash Mob Specials

And she walks you thru the ENTIRE process.

I’m sure you’ve seen XYZ is now the mayor of ABC….
well, here’s the behind-the-scenes goodness of how
to make that profitable for you….big time!

Sweet! And the OTO has added video goodies
for closing offline deals…. plus some unannounced bonuses
on reputation management….WOOHOO!a

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to make
Foursquare make your business/clients’ business
| oOo ==> Foursquare Handholding!
| http://askbling.com/4sua2

Don’t forget this mornings:

Oh this is nice! And thanks to the glories
of Starbucks where I’ve been now since 7am….
I’m able to alert you to it!

Looking for software that automatically grabs you
quality leads?

If so:

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In a nutshell, Offline Penny Puncher scrapes
PAID ads from sites like PennysaversUSA, Craigslist,
Yelp and Google….. and more!

Dont forget yesterdays:

Reviewed it and liked it!:

| oOo ==> Create EASY Fiverr Passive Gigs!

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Really super-smart idea….. we’re talking
gigs that can be delivered simply by sending
a file again and again.

And don’t forget…there’s more than 20 Fiverr
Clones you can use for this too!

(The OTO is 20 done-for-you Fiverr gigs you can
upload and start profiting from today. Woot!)

So, if you’d like another passive income stream for
your bottom line:

| oOo ==> Make it YOUR Fiverr Lifestyle!

| http://askbling.com/flifestylea2

That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to check in with you bright and early tomorrow
assuming I actually get bunches of power
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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