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| oOo ==> 1 Minute Offline Formula Special ENDING TONIGHT!
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My gosh, what a day! How did it
treat you?
Me, wow….I basically realized it’s time for
me to complete the eMail marketing special
I had on the backburner (3 week immersion
class!), AND get my FB launch together….at
the same time. Woot! LOVE having a set
plan to follow – will be getting up weeee early
tomorrow to sketch out everything in Google

Woot! HAVE to love taking things to the
next level (either that or you have to crash
and burn and go there anyways). 🙂 Plus….
expect a change from me regarding my
emails to you….more soon!

In other news, remember this?


I built it in 13 *minutes*.

Isn’t that *incredible*? And get this….
it’s *autoupdating*. So! Until it
catches on with social bookmarking
sites, content gets generated automatically!

The theme/plugin that does this is:

| oOo ==> Covert Social Press
| http://awpt.co/6TZ1z?e=

and will be released tomorrow at 10am,
DIMESALE. Trust you me, you *want*
to get this – this takes advantage of what
Google really wants from you (social signals,
bookmarks, etc.!).

and onto today!

Special Offline goodness ends tonight!

| oOo ==> 1 Minute Offline Formula Special ENDING TONIGHT!
| http://awpt.co/PbtOe?e=

This is a VERY unique replay about
how to use offline combined with
affiliate marketing….

So *you* don’t do the selling, the
provider/vendor does! All you do
is alert the local businesses to the


And did you see:

I was just reminded….of the following goodie
that’s available solely to my list. It’s pretty
powerful…and deserves a new headsup of its own!

As you probably know if you’ve been on my list
now for any period of time, I thoroughly advocate
taking advantage of Lifetime Membership thingees
when they focus on your own specific *goals*.

For example, I’m a lifetime member of

Dr. Ben’s Syndicate Level II


Dennis Becker’s E1KaDay

Today, I’d like to talk about the $100 off
lifetime membership that I secured for *you!*
First of course, there’s what you, well, *get*:

* Become instant family to hundreds of members
* Ask an UNLIMITED number of questions…
* Rub shoulders with some of the most successful people online…
* Meet best-of-the-best experts in tons of different fields
* Learn important IM skills with free access to the
Learn One Thing a Day site (normally $27/month but it’s free for E1KAD a
* Discover how to earn cash quickly with a complimentary membership to Instant Cash Generators (normally $9.95/month)
* Forget about paying for stock audio and graphics with monthly free downloads from E1KAD
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dramatically catapult your success
…and that’s just the beginning!
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What’s that?

PLR you want?

Well then!

Product: Includes done-for-you reviews AND…
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Niche: Evergreen Affiliate GOLFING, Clickbank
Why you want to buy it:

Because of the done-for-you-ness – it gives you over:

* 135 PLR Golf Related articles

* PLR ebooks for Golfing

* 20 High Quality GOLFING Reviews you can insert your CB affiliate link into

* 15 Niche-specific Graphics

BONUS ==> Simple Golf Etiquette PLR


Golf tips, techniques and more!

20 Product Reviews

15 High Quality Website Graphics (5 per sub-niche)

and Tons Of Bonuses including PLR eBooks!

Product: Clickbank GOLF Niche Treasure Trove Bonanza
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Don’t forget this mornings:

Brief, pithy and to the point!

Do you Squidoo?

Or are you intrigued by it?

Ever wish you had done-for-you software
that went out to Squidoo, searched for
your keywords, returned the lenses and
then searched for their presence on Google?

It would give you great insights into whats
ranking well, wouldn’t you think?

Insights you could apply to your own lenses?

If so, lookie here!

| oOo ==> Easy. Windows based.
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This does one thing simply but oh so nicely…

It tells you if a lens ALREADY is popular
for your chosen keywords.

You can export the data to a CVS file

Really a tremendous timesaver for those
who love profiting from Squidoo!

So if getting the inside track to Squidoo
appeals to you…..

| oOo ==> Find the best-ranking lenses!
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Don’t forget yesterdays:

What’s that?

You want PLR instead?

Wondering what sorts of grand PLR
emerged this past week?

Wonder no more, here they are! Bunches
of them most cost-conscious indeed!

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| WHY: REALLY NICE!!! 60+ page report
| on *smart* ways to create products….brilliant!

| oOo ==> Offline Puppetmaster – Restaurants
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| WHY: Cool puppet-based PLR videos to break into
| the offline restaurant niche – nice!

| oOo ==> Marketing in Minutes (upsell)
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| WHY: Guide for how to be ‘far more productive
| with worksheets and pdf
Don’t forget this mornings:

You can say, this is my BUSINESS and my *family*
depends upon me! Build It Firm!

I’m choosing now to look out towards the last
half of 2013….where I want to be…and then
building myself BACKWARDS to now.

What steps do I need to do NOW…to get there

Like I mentioned yesterday, my first step was
to buy:

Get Response

List Animal

(btw – ListAnimal is going OUT of beta
next week – I HIGHLY recommend you buying
the lifetime like I did. When you get huge
lists like I have now…you end up paying far
more in aWeber/GetResponse/etc a month
than you’d think…. so yep, a lifetime solution
is a sound business investment.).

My second step today was to sketch out
my business goals…seeing them in front of
me REALLY crystalizes it bigtime.

And LinedIn!

Looking for updated 2013 LinkedIn Strategies
for your offline/local/mobile marketing?

If so, lookie here!

| oOo ==> Updated 2013 LinkedIn Strategies
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This product walks you thru how to uncover
the prospects who will want your services and create
high-converting videos to engage the deal.

Additionally, swipes for 2013! are included.
Newbie friendly!

| oOo ==> No cold calls
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Next, I just secured for you a rather
awesome PLR deal ($7!) by Garry over

==> PLR Trio, my list ONLY!

This is 3 (source included!) power reports
on 3 very popular IM topics that you can
edit, add and more for your own marketing
funnels. Great deal!

That about covers it for now…

I’ll be sure to touch base with you bright and early
tomorrow morning with whatever goodies cross me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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