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It’s Monday evenin’ and I’m pretty certain
I’m quite unconscious right now, having my
ankle fused. And folks think I have no life…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Consider that the other
Alternate Dimension Barbara is writing this.
And wow, does she have a lot to share!

Let’s begin with:

One could say I know a bit about email marketing,
Jimmy Mancini knows bunches more!

He just released:

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And the stuff he includes!!!
This is a pure-action 53 page PDF that talks about:

* Volume emails
* MTAs
* The structure of a 7 day autoresponder sequence
* Copywriting tips (plus sources!)
* Improving Deliverability
* Reputation scores
* more!

Basically, not only do you get the tried-and-true
here’s how you email Market but you ALSO
receive the advanced knowledge not often
shares about how to slant success in your favor.

And don’t forget:

If you’ve been on my list for awhile…you might have
noticed I have a wee bit of an appreciation for coffee
(kinda like the Avengers have a wee bit of an appreciation
for saving the planet!).

I’m not the only one, mind you – this is an 11 BILLION
dollar niche!!

And if you’re into niche marketing/PLR/videos/etc., lookie here!

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This contains:

* 100s of exact name matches

* 50 High Def Amazon Affiliate videos (all products OVER $100)

* 372 Coffee PLR Articles you can spin/blog/etc.

* 2 Coffee eBooks PLR!

* Headers!

* Footers!

What’s that? Offline THEMES you want instead?

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There’s one thing I learned from when I spoke
at E1KaDay…and that’s while cheap has its place…
premium has the support, membership, community
and more to back it up beautifully!
So! If you’re an offline marketer, and you want
an easy-to-use yet streamlined and easily
customizable theme for your business,
definitely check this out.

Dont’ forget this mornings:

Today is a Share what surgery needs the MOST
day. And let’s begin with:

| oOo ==> Whine Wonders Affiliate/PLR!
| http://askbling.com/wineap

And I’m not even drugged on painkillers yet!!

This is a nifty package for niche PLR/affiliate/Amazon
goodness – as always, Mike delivers huge on the quality!

And did you see:

If you’re a product creator, definitely check this out!

| oOo ==> Point. Click. Drag. Drop.
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It’s well-known that the more people who see
your offer…the more people have a chance to buy it.

But putting it up on different payment networks….
it requires 4 different sales pages!

Until now.

| oOo ==> Developers License included!
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I know I myself need to get my stuff on
JVzoo and Clickbank and the like…..so thisis something VERY intriguing to me!!
Don’t forget yesterdays:

I’m in the process of updating all me viral pix….soo…

Offline Social Pilot (Price will be rising to $47 on Monday!!)

Ben Adkins Offline Social Pilot Viral Pix!

Marilyn Monroe Timeless GIG!

Ultimate Social Challenge Viral Pix!

Ultimate SEO Challenge Viral Pix!

A true Black Label Winner!

And here we go!

Dennis Becker, the guy who created Earn1KaDay,
is having a Columbus special!

| oOo ==> 5 Buck Special, money out of thin air

| http://askbling.com/thinair

The man is SMART SMART SMART and you can
see the TOC on the page. For $5….you simply cannOT
go wrong!

And did you see:

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* This super sweet FB app lets you:

* Add real time countdown!!

* Put leads into your autoresponder

* Host unlimited deals

* Upload custom images

* Turn on/off Wall permission


So if you’d like to easily increase your bottom line with
your FB marketing….
| oOo ==> You’ll love the done-for-you graphics too!
| http://askbling.com/fbsda2


Ever wish you could take advantage of that
hugely popular network…..Tumblr…for YOUR
personal benefit?

If so:

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| http://askbling.com/tumblra
This is both a software AND a grand guide
to help you get tremendously popular,
targeted traffic via Tumblr….in ways
you’ve never considered. Nice! You’ll learn how to:

* Get *do follow* high PR backlinks

* Target niche specific traffic

* Send increased traffic to your Youtube vids
* Scale easily


You can even build your lists *directly* from Tumblr.

So if you’d like to enjoy the above benefits:

| oOo ==> Software, guides, nice!!

| http://askbling.com/tumblra


This crossed me desk earlier:

==> Wacky 2012 Xmas Resources (DIMESALE!)

This includes affiliate videos, Xmas PLR and more…
always useful to increase your end of the year 2012!

It’s DIMESALE so grab it before the price rises. Wise!

Oh, and about customer recommendation tips:


Just click on the image in the pin and enjoy!!


That about covers it for this evenin’…woot!

Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you bright and early tomorrow
with wahtever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity


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