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Editor’s note – this is increasing to $97 and you truly
do NOT want to miss it (especially the custom content
creator software as the enhancement…it makes creating
a best-seller from other people’s content a snap!)

— Barbara Ling

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| WHY: It just plain *works*. I’ve seen it, done it, and it’s
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Brief, pithy and to the point:

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Do you want to finally *really* profit
from your niche?

In ways that even have OTHERS making
content YOU then own? And then become
THE best-selling author?

Remember, I just did an entire Content-filled FB Live
training webinar for this. And because it’s
sooo inexpensive (normally my webinars
showcase $97/$197/$497/etc.), it makes
investing in the upsell a no-brainer – it’s
a COMPLETE Kindle Curation Creation
software system.

Don taught *me* back in January how
to create rabid fanpages that put money
in my bank account – the personal notes
I created from that are now one of my
personal bonuses for his latest at

| oOo ==> Social Autopilot Profits
| http://FBChosen.com

See, that’s why, if you already bought it…
you can buy it again, just to get those notes
(71K Fanpage anyone, value $97) AND:

120+ Electrified Images (value $47)

Facebook JV Image Magic (value $37!)

But not only that…invest in the upsell
(which is an AWESOME done-for-you software
that allows you to make bestselling Kindle books
easily from the content your fans create), and I’ll
also send you the 2,000+ lifetime cookie and
recurring membership links as well!

Over $205 worth of bonuses….from ME

If this is appealing – get thee hence to:

| oOo ==> Social Autopilot Profits

| http://FBChosen.com

You’ll never look at social profiting and rabid
fanbases the same again.


Let me know what you think!

Grow strong,

Barbara Kick Fate in the Right Direction!! Ling

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