Did you see that Covert Store Builder had reopened ?

Editor’s Note – This resource was taken off the market
but has now been reopened earlier! (along with my
$177′ worth of bonuses too!) — Barbara Ling
| oOo ==> Hands down…the EASIEST way to make
| profitable niche sites
| http://askbling.com/covertsb
| WHY: Not only that…but the upsell also handles ALL
| the autoupdating for you! Bonus just added – my $150
| Product Creation Caffeine paid web ticket event!

Hey there,

Check this out.


I built it in under 15 minutes and set
it to autoupdate with a post or two
every day as well.

Can you *begin* to imagine how powerful
this WP theme (and the autoupdating upsell)
is? I’m having my kids build me sites for
their summer projects!

Super-easy as well to use – since this site
deals with coffee makers, I just fed in
the keyword, coffee maker and then
espresso maker (you’ll notice there are
2 distinct categories on the site) and BAM!

Instant site creation. Profitable site creation.
Socially networking site creation!

The power behind it – it taps into Amazon (which
allows you to monetize ANY niche imaginable…

You name it, niche, offline, online, anything…
and having a done-for-you store powered by
Amazon and infused with your affiliate link; it
makes profiting online *so* much simpler.

| oOo ==> This ALSO builds your niche list too!
| http://askbling.com/covertsb
What’s sooo cool about this WP theme…is
it enables you to build SEO-optimized niche
sites that looks professional, classy AND
encourages social sharing too while making
your client money at the same time
I’m going to be building a site with it myself
shortly and will definitely keep you updated
but in the meanwhile…..
Grab it while the price is low! (and did I
Straight out of the box – the Covert Store Builder theme comes with all the functionality of the big ecommerce sites.
* Your clients’ visitors can browse your sites and search for products they like
* They can join their clients site as members and they will automatically be added to your client’s followup!
* They can add products to their wish list for later and even share their wish list with their friends!
* Covert Store Builder is self optimizing, automatically showing the most popular products first – maximizing your profits!
And much more…
| oOo ==> The upsell automatically *creates* the content too!
| http://askbling.com/covertsb

Truly a fantastic way to make easy niche
*profitable* sites.

Editor, DailyWSOs
PS – I like the done-for-you aspect especially…how about you?
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Internet…or offline, for that matter. An educated consumer rocks!

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