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| oOo ==> Instagram Honey Badger

| WHY: Only product about crushing it with Instagram…
| The site Facebook *had* to buy (now you too can profit!)



It’s Monday evening and so many things
have happened today!

How has Monday treated you? Me, I’m
earlobe-deep into finishing the sales letter
of The Pinning Games (coming tomorrow at
2:01pm!) – hope your day has been just
as productive!

Got lots to share so let me pounce!

First, a bit of background.

Do you remember The Road to the Million
Dollar Product?

It was by James Renouf, one of the big
heavy hitters in the IM world. Truly a
grand product, btw; I found the content
so actionable I, well, put it into action and
began my journey to true power affiliate
marketing. Woot!

Anywhos, the man just released:

| oOo ==> Instagram Honey Badger


Ask yourself – how many *other* smart
marketers looked at FB’s acquisition and
said, Ah hah! This can make people money!

Exactly. James is the first.

So I’d say….what he says makes sense,
what he does makes money….so if you’re
in the mood to get on the cutting edge of
thingees….check it out!

Next, looking for actual bonafide coaching
for offline business?

If so,

==> 30Days Live Offline Coaching

looks compelling – includes massive amounts
of offline material, live coaching, supportive
private FB group and more. Woot!

And don’t forget this mornings:

QUICK! If you’re into Amazon, buy this!
Now! And then I’ll tell you why!

| oOo ==> Amazon Niche Master

See, Erica is kinda sorta beyond brilliant –
she’s the kind soul who slapped me upside
the head when I released my 2nd WSO ‘way
‘way ‘way centuries ago (October of 2011) and
told me:

Barbara. Keep it simple. Pick just one idea…
and make it *work*.

I haven’t looked back since. 🙂

Her products are brimming with grand
common sense, easy-to-do *actionable*
steps that anyone can implement!

And the topic! When it comes to Amazon
affiliatizing, we’re talking Queen of Knowledge
here – she’s one of the few authors I consider
to put out 120% quality….284% of the time.


And now….why do I know that adding informational
posts is so smart and profitable?

A few years ago, I was the happy master of
700+ Informational portal sites (I wrote software
that would build them automatically).

And one thing I ALWAYS included was….

Pure informational how-to-find content as
well. Folks loved it and shared it….resulting
in more profits for me.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see:

| oOo ==> Amazon Niche Master

I’ll be writing a more detailed review later
on, but for now….

If you’re into Amazon goodness, get it.
Period, end of statement – Erica’s knowledge
is just plain gold.


What’s that?

Want to do Pinterest for offline business instead?

If so,
| oOo ==> Offline Pinterest Supremecy
is created by one of the most prolific
offline marketers on the WF – he always
offers great info in small packages that
deliver. Woot!

And don’t forget yesterdays:

Want you 10 done for you PLR sites in 10 hot
niches, that come with *premium* WP themes?

If so:

| oOo ==> 10 Done For You Hot PLR Blogs

sure looks to be the answer, aye? Niches include
diet/fitness, online gaming, stop smoking, golf,
saving marriages and more. Woot!

What’s that?

Want to generate high-quality backlinks instead?

If so, lookie at:

| oOo ==> Wiki Nuke Software! (closes today!)

This nifty software goes out and creates for
you high-quality backlinks, pulls in authority
content and more. Definitely worth a looksee…
and as it closes today, you want to grab it….today!

That about covers it for Monday morning….yay! I’ll be

sure to touch base with you this afternoon

with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
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