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It’s Sunday evening and actually, that’s
a lie. It’s really 2:18pm but I’m queuing this
email up now because (get this!) I’m going to
(I hope you’re sitting down) rest!

No computer!

Sleep! What a concept.

Learned a HUGE amount from my launch
this weekend, and wrote the following
gratitude post:


I’m looking forward to selling this out…the
price DOES rise on Tuesday morning but yep….
I was extremely blessed to have all the help
I did!

The most character-building journeys often
start with a single step…and when you take those
steps, its so grand to have people with you
every step of the way.

So far, there’s 22 people who have invested in:

| oOo ==> ALL of my secrets I use for power eMail Marketing!

| http://awpt.co/j4v8A?e=

(and I just updated the sales copy (ooo training wheels) –
what do you think? I realized that even though I might
know exactly what, well, I *know* – its not obvious to
readers online. So I added more story-telling – would
love to hear your take!).

Raptored Moosies!



And onto today!

Chapter 4!

I figured this would make quite the dandy
pole dancing story indeed.

Well, ok, the pole was in the party van in
Las Vegas. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I was IN Las Vegas because
I was speaking at Dennis Becker’s Earn 1Ka Day
thingee – that’s the location during which the
last day, my ankle collapsed (leading me to
my ankle fusion in October).

Well. Dennis had engaged Shawn Hanson to
transcribize all 15 talks by all 15 marketers –
it’s really great stuff indeed!

But better yet….he made that a free giveaway
on his site.

And better than *that* – he pays his affiliates
a dime if anyone signs up thru their link.

Now, most folks would say, big earlobe! 10
cents is ridiculous!

And for a solo promotion to thousands of
folks…perhaps there is that point.

But! What I do is add an image of
the book available via my affiliate
link…on all my download pages.

So! When buyers happily grab their goodies…
they see this free bonus just waiting for
them…and grab that too.

Then the next time Dennis promotes to
his list, I see a steady stream of $5-$10-
$25-$197 commission flowing in (that $197
is from his Product Drop thingee).

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A really good tradeoff for a dime, don’t
you think?

This all works because of the miracle of
‘cookies’. Nanacast is an affiliate network
that offers lifetime cookies (the Cookie Monster!)…
and it has resulted in $100s of done-for-me


This is just one of the 15, no, wait, actually, it’s
a specific further example f 1 of the 15 eMail
marketing tactics I’ll teaching in this 3 week power
immersion class!

I’m already starting to populate the FB
group with excellent resources including
my XLS file of over 2,000 Nanacast products
and 969 Recurring Clickbank Membership
products and will also be sharing:

How I build up buyers lists without
having my own product

The templates I use to create downloads
for my optins (and how I add those nanacast
goodies to them)

How I stack emails so folks might not
buy now…but 4 days later, I see a commission

| oOo ==> Multiple commissions!
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I’ve never really pulled all this content together
in one area before… if you’d like to see how I
created these email strategies over the past
year, I’d love to see you on board!

And PLR!

Lookie here, PLR recap!

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And now for something completely different!

Did you know that PLR make for great bonuses
and giveaways to build your list? And this week some rather
nifty goodies popped up….enjoy!

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| sales letter….all editable with source included!

| oOo ==> Get Your Ex Back Niche Silo
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| WHY: Done for you business in a box with the
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Don’t forget this mornings:

When last I wrote, I told you about
how I was creating 2 products a week
and making between 1 to 3K a month.

It sure sounds insane now! ๐Ÿ™‚

And I closed with promising to tell you
the story about the person in the mirror.

It was one of the personal….*catalysts*….
that had me abandon traditional email
marketing and NEVER look back.

Never once!

Here’s what happened.

I was dealing with an issue regarding
Honorable Boy II (mainly because back then,
it was ALWAYS Honorable Boy II
who was having the issues).

He was having problems with people in
his class (Kindergarten) not liking him.

So I ran him through all of the wonderful
characteristics he has…his kindness, his
sweetness, the fact he doesn’t deliberately
EVER try to hurt anyone and how really
*lucky* people are when he IS their friend.

Then I told him that he

knows that every night…

When he goes to bed….

He can look at the person in the mirror
and be *proud*.

Tears dried, he scampered off…and
I returned to my daily email marketing.

I remember thinking to myself, Jeepers Self,
hardly anyone except myself sends out as
many emails as I do…..shouldn’t I worry
if someone doesn’t like me and unsubscribes?

And then I talked to myself just like I did
to my youngest!

You see, just like it’s a privilege for me to have

It’s ALSO a privilege for them to be on my list.

That sort of mindset….changed my email marketing

| oOo ==> It’s a Privilege To Be ON Your List!
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I share great tips with my list, quality products,
free goodies and more…..it is NOT a one-way street!

It goes both ways.

And I’ll tell you…once I internalized that…
I never looked back. Not once.

Can you believe that? It was like a karate-move

of just…taking control and saying:

You don’t like me? You want to unsubscribe?
That’s fine… I wish you the best. There are lots
others who value what I have to offer.

Do you see the sheer *power* of taking
control like that?

That particular mindset is one thing I
will be sharing in my 3 week power
eMail marketing class…and it’s *just*
the beginning!

| oOo ==> Did I mention the PRIVATE FB group that comes with it too?
| http://awpt.co/j4v8A?e=

Here’s some of the other goodies you’ll learn:

1.) How to use aWeber/Getresponse automation
so that IF someone DOES want to unsubscribe,
you can ask them if they’d prefer a once a week
email instead. It’s easy to do!

2.) How to build a buyer’s list even if you aren’t
selling a product yourself! It’s really easy – just
get your optin on other product download pages.
I do that 2 or 3 times a week.

3.) How to choose the best kinds of products to
add to these optin *download* pages…so you
get additional income far into the future.

See, before you can monetize a list…you need
to HAVE a list in place! That’s why the first
week is dedicated to you CREATING your lists…
because once you have them, you can *engage*
them (which is week 2)!

Ah….creating *lists*. I remember back
at the Warrior Event 2012 in April – I
had a chat with Monika Morley (lovely
lady, btw).

And I remember telling her that creating
new lists was sooo time consuming…

And she smiled and pointed out, Barbara,
it’s maybe 4 steps. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you ever realize that yourself?

But what I did with *that* knowledge
after returning from Raleigh….well, suffice
it to say Pinning for Manly Men (the product
I wrote in the airport while waiting for my
flight)…. took a decidedly far more profitable

That I enjoy to this day (almost a year later).

| oOo ==> What you do NOW…will continue to pay for years to come
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You’re going to love that story! But today is
Sunday and you know something? Rest….it’s
a Good Thing indeed! So I’ll continue in a few
hours from now….stay tuned for:

Brand New Lists Before The Coffee Finishes Perking – The Secret Story:
my 23K/month 15 eMail Marketing Tactics

I’ll see you then!

Don’t forget yesterdays:

Did you hear about my other secret?

Sometimes….secrets are meant NEVER to be

And other times, you realize….some just are
too precious to keep to themselves.

Building up a successful income online…that’s
something that serious people like you should
always have available.

For me, alas, it was truly trial and error for the
first several months. Do you remember that time?

I sure do simply because I look back then
and ask myself…my gosh, how did I EVER
manage to stay sane?

You know, if there’s one thing I’ll NEVER forget
about the past year, it’s how I used to create 2
products a *week* (you read that right!) and bring
in perhaps 1 to 3 thousand dollars a month in 2011/2012.

| oOo ==> Today’s 23K/month 15 eMail Marketing Tactics Immersion
| http://awpt.co/j4v8A?e=

Don’t believe me? Go to WarriorPlus and search
on ‘barbling’ – you’ll see a time in november/december
or around that time where 2 products a week was
commonplace for me.

What….a life. Aye?

But you know, the thing is….I was NOT working
smarter. ‘matter of fact, I was WRS!

ie, Working Really Stupid! ๐Ÿ™‚

Every week, I would create
a front end product, an OTO, the freakin’
sales copy…*Twice*, I might add.


Today, of course, I don’t need to do that at all – I’m
lucky if I release a product once a month.

Even more interesting….

during last August and September…
I didn’t release ANY!

Not a single product. Not 1.

But I’ve consistently brought IN….over
5 figures every month since June of 2012!

How did I do that during August and September…
if I didn’t release products?

You’ll love this:

Via 15 really cool eMail marketing strategies
that I devised over the course of last year!

Isn’t that, well, oh so… *neat?*

What’s soo cool about this is all of the launch
stress I used to have…eMail marketing
took them away!

Talk about a fundamental life and marketing

These 15 techniques are something so powerful,
they literally have the ability to give you
life-changing income…for 2013.

| oOo ==> ALL of my secrets I use for power eMail Marketing!
| http://awpt.co/j4v8A?e=

When you read through the page, you’ll
see how I was able to bring in over 3K while
laid up in the hospital recovering from my
ankle fusion in early October 2012….
and how 2 weeks later, I made over
2.4K during the 9 days Hurricane Sandy
smooshed the Jersey Shore (ie, no power).

What you’ll be getting there are my years’
worth of personal tactics I now use

to bring in at least $500 a day.

Even when I don’t launch. So nice!

People have asked me, Gee Barb, just *why*
did you move to email marketing?

The answer, of course, is because it’s so wonderfully
profitable…but even more, it gives me the ability
to help my list achieve *their* goals online.

And NOT…simply by promoting affiliate products
for their business….

But by being the trail-blazer for the newbies
who reach out to you as well!

Before you get to that point, however, you
have to internalize a *radical* shift in your
eMail marketing….one that turns traditional
techniques….on its ear, over its shoulder,
and changes your future forever.

| oOo ==> 3 Weeks of Power Immersion
| http://awpt.co/j4v8A?e=

You’re going to love that story! But now it’s
time to follow up on the kids and their chores,
so stay tuned for the next installment of:

Who is REALLY In The Mirror:
my 23K/month 15 eMail Marketing Tactics

I’ll see you then!

That about covers it for now…woot!
I’ll be sure to check in with you bright and
early tomorrow with

crosses my desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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