Commission Blueprint Evolution

Commission Blueprint Evolution Benefits

This is a complete ‘how to build affiliate websites that convert’ product.  To wit:

Firstly, we’re going to hand you the main Commission Blueprint Evolution workbook – A step by step manual that could enable you to quit your day job in a matter of weeks! (The harder you work, the faster that’ll happen)

This 115 page manual is filled with PURE content showing you exactly how to replicate our methods to the tee to ensure success.

I’m not going to hide anything… Here’s a taste of what’s included:

– The Current State of Affiliate Marketing
– The Truth About Panda
– The Remedy to Building Profitable Affiliate Campaigns
– Finding Your Primary Traffic Source
– Choosing Your Niche/Market
– Creating Value Enhanced Websites
– Categories of Websites That Continue To Thrive
– The Anatomy of A SILO Affiliate Website
– Building Your Affiliate Websites
– Choosing Your Domain Name
– Ranking For a Specific Country
– Building Content for Your Affiliate Websites
– Choosing Offers for Your Affiliate Websites
– Site Promotion: Building Powerful Backlinks
– Other Ways to Dominate The Search Engines
– Social Marketing Strategy
– Overview & Next Steps

Then, you are going to get 9 full length instructional videos that will take you through specific techniques from the manual which will propel you to bank by laying out the processes in an easy to copy fashion.

Then, (and a little ironically), we are also going to give you software that will enhance your results.

This product helps you by showing you how to build great quality affiliate sites.

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