Chapter 3 – Here’s why it was only 20 covert pushups every hour behind that potted….

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Hey there,

In Chapter 2, I almost
got to the exciting potted
plant experience.

And here it is!

Like I had mentioned,
I try to get to the gym
every day. But when you’re
at a marketing convention,
you generally cannot take off
half an hour or so for exercise
(except of course at a nice
normal 4am!)

So what I did was….

Every hour, I’d duck behind
some potted plants (trees,
actually) and bash out 20

That way, by the end of the day
I’d have done at least 100 in

See, it’s the little bits that

Just like building your list, you know?

You get one subscriber here, and
3 there, and 15 over there….

And before you know it, you’ve
amassed ‘way more than you
could have thought imaginable.

But when you look back on
how you planned it out….

| oOo ==> It just made *sense*.

Rapid list building – there is
no magic to it.

‘Matter of fact, it’s super easy
to do, once you know the
simple building blocks required.

That’s why I’m rather thrilled
to be co-hosting a leads building
class this Wednesday at 6pm:

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You’re going to be so glad you
checked it out.

See for yourself.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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pps – Speaking of sales pages, stay
tuned for the next installment my
list building story – the one that
involves frozen chair mangoes.

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