BlueTail 2.5 Hours Video-Holistic Online Marketing Education

BlueTail 2.5 Hours Video-Holistic Online Marketing Education Benefits

Hugely comprehensive 9 video tutorial regarding the whole approach to online marketing.


MODULE 1 and 2:
Market Research and Product Creation

– Using Google Adwords Keywords Tool
– Understanding Search Volume and Advertiser Competition
– Using Additional Keywords Tool
– Types of Products for Internet Commerce
– Creating E-Cover for Digital Product
– Performing Research and Find Sources for Digital Product
– Create Table of Contents for Digital Product
– Conversion of Word Document to PDF Document

Web Copy and Conversion

– Components of a Good Web Copy
– Headline Formats
– Benefits
– Unique Selling Proposition
– Testimonials
– Call To Action
– Design Elements
– Autoresponder Sequential Email Copywriting

Traffic Generation

– Definition of Traffic Generation
– Online Marketing Channels
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Social Networks
– Social Book Marks
– Email Marketing
– Viral Marketing
– Online Press Release
– Blogs
– Link Building
– Affiliate Marketing
– Article Marketing
– Paid By Impression
– Click Banner Advertising
– Vertical Search Engines
– Relevant Directories
– Video Advertising
– PodCasting
– Really Simply Syndication (RSS)


This product helps you by providing you with the whole holistic approach to making money online.

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