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Well! It’s Saturday evenin’ and I’m thrilled to
announce that yes indeed! I DID get my launch;

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out as planned and reviews are quite sterling indeed!
Very happy I am….do you realize that is 6 launches
in 6 weeks?

So yep…..tired it is I am! And how did Saturday
treat you? Grand I hope!

Got lots to share but first!

Here’s my latest viral pix of Dr. Ben’s
Evil Facebook Magician: – this one is
a take of asking,

What REALLY makes Crop Circles!

Dr. Ben Adkins Evil Facebook Magician Returns – List Building Secrets! Viral Pix!

What do you think? Did I hit it? ๐Ÿ™‚

And onto today part II!

Wanna ENSURE you make the very most possible
before 2012 ends?

That’s what me latest shows….let me show *you!*

ANY Niche:

The holidays are coming upon us….
do *you* want to ensure you make THE
most possible for your family, friends and
bottom line, no matter WHAT niche you’re in?

If so:

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Remember, I’ve been in both IM and NON IM
niches – we’re talking real estate, teaching
children to read, dog training and more….

and yep! The above delivers hugely!

It works for affiliate marketing!

Like you, I want to ensure…my holiday marketing
gives me the MOST possible cash in the *shortest*
amount of time.

And what I discovered….trust you me! It will!

And it can for you too as well.


Oh wow! We’re talking I personally found for YOU:

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This means that you’ll have at your fingertips more than
a thousand quality 100% affiliate commission products….
you can promote to ensure you earn the MOST possible
for the holidays!

So if you’d like to see *proven* techniques for making
*your* December final business profits…*rock*…..

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Heck, it just plain….works. ๐Ÿ™‚

And don’t forget this mornings:

Want you to grab hold of THE groundbreaking
way to build your list with REAL Google eMail
addresses, NOT throwaways?

If so,

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It’s a ground-breaking Google Plus WP Plugin that lets you build your

list with valid gMail email addresses….SO COOL!!

And did you see:

THIS just got released and THIS will change…

Lookie here!

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| and Google Does!
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In a nutshell:

If you have blogs that aren’t mobile friendly (and it’s hard to
change that) – Covert Mobile Bar is the easiest way to at least add
something that is mobile ready, so you can salvage some of the lost
traffic and revenue.
You might have blogs that are perfectly optimized for mobile
traffic, but chances are it’s hard to monetize them – Covert Mobile Bar
will instantly fix that
And even if you blog is both optimized for mobile and monetized –
Covert Mobile Bar will only enhance it and bring you more revenue
You can link to mobile affiliate programs on Clickbank, Amazon,
iTunes, CPA networks etc. increasing your revenue from mobile traffic.
You can use the bar to link to other page you have that are more
mobile friendly – increasing the user experience for your mobile
And of course much more…

In essence:
| oOo ==> Simply adds an extra layer of monetization to your blogs!
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Don’t forget yesterdays:

You probably are aware of how profitable your
posts and stuff becomse when you have images

Want one of the BEST KEPT secrets around?

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This is a tutorial by a professional who has
been in the digital arts now for *years*….and
knows every trick in the book!

Too much to go into here…but yep – if you’re
shy of Photoshop but want the killer edge:

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Turning on a dime:

The next goodie on sale that’s available at
HUGE savings is:

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To wit – it gives you:

1) Up-to-date and need-based inputs from a team of experts. The NAMS Workshop is not your one size fits all event. It is custom-built to address your business needs based on four experience tracks that you determine yourself. You get the most updated information, tools, strategies, techniques and resources minus the headache you get from data overload! You get these from a robust team of experts with a proven track record of success.
The Four Experience Tracks
NAMS100 (Beginner 1) – If you’re in this track, you may not have a website or blog yet. You may not have a niche yet. And you certainly aren’t making any sales yet – at least on purpose. This track is all about getting you set up and getting your marketing under way. The goal: Begin to make sales.
NAMS200 (Beginner 2) – Students in this track have the infrastructure set up. They probably have a blog. And they probably have chosen a niche. Now, they are focused on driving more traffic to generate more sales. On purpose. The goal: Build a list, drive traffic and make sales.
NAMS300 (Intermediate) – Most folks in this group are making money. Everything’s beginning to cook for them. They aren’t full-time marketers yet, but are certainly contributing some income to family. Maybe as much as a house payment or monthly contributions to a retirement fund. But they are really overwhelmed with all there is to do with an online business. The goal: More sales, more time and more systems.
NAMS400 (Advanced) – These are the rock stars. They have got the money rolling in and are making a full-time living online. The problem is that the business IS them. The goal: Create assets, exit strategies and a business that runs without them for a more sustainable and valuable future.
2) Hands-on interactive problem-solving experience. You get hands-on experience on your specific need, say, putting up your blog, setting up a sales funnel to build a list, planning exit strategies, and more. Apply and test what you learn with experts beside you for interactive problem-solving.
3) One one one instruction. You can schedule time to meet with instructors to review your issues in a one on one setting. These sessions are open to all on a first come, first serve basis.
4) Value for money. The NAMS Workshop is incredibly affordable! Although valued at thousands of dollars, it is priced low enough to get you and more people in. That’s great value for money!
5) Tangible results. You leave carrying the results you need – a functional blog or website perhpas, a blueprint for business success, a mind map, new joint venture partnerships, product creation and marketing ideas… depends on the goal you set.
6) Fun and excitement. Meet approachable, smart and helpful people at the workshop. Beyond the sessions, you’re left to your imagination to engage in more brainstorming activities, work out joint venture partnerships, go out on a private date, or just spend time alone at Starbucks for a hot cappuccino! Up to you. (Be sure though to be back for the next day’s session!)
7) Long-term support. Your learning doesn’t stop when the workshop ends. To ensure long-term continuing support and education for you, you have the option to become a MyNAMS Total Business System member and be part of a robust NAMS community.


Learn more at

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And don’t forget:

Brief, pithy and to the point:

this crossed my desk earlier!

| oOo ==> See Sales Letters Update in REAL TIME
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….To wit:

WP Enlighten is the future of the
Wordpress based sales letters. You can modify our sales letter layouts
in real time – meaning you make a change and you see it as you make it!
Each sales letter is responsive – meaning that if you’re on mobile it
still looks perfect and is mobile optimized…

We have our own built in premium video player that is html5 compatible
– meaning that video plays perfect on any browser and on any device.

In addition, we have something that no other wordpress based sales
letters have – beautiful designs. Most other softwares focus on the
technical stuff, but programmers are NOT designers. The designs you will
be able to point and click your way to in seconds will blow your

So if easy peasy WP sales letters attract YOU….

| oOo ==> And the done-for-you templates!!
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That about covers it for this moment’…woot!
Hope your day goes peachy…and I’ll be certain

to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list…
I’ll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!


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