BEHIND THE CURTAINS Part 1 (2014): I bought it to give you an in-depth look at the premiere IM PLR offering of the year

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Hey there,

Over the weekend, I’ve
alerted you to the deal
of the IM PLR year…. *all*
of Sean Mize (one of the most
prolific and popular IM
folk out there) WSOs
(including bunches that
got him WSOTD as well).

So! I bought it myself I did.

| I bought it when it was at $77 or so, it’s
| increasing with every sale

Honestly.. .it’s HUGE. And here’s
what you get.

When you access your product, you’ll

==>Newest WSOs

==>WSOS before Newest

==>Oldest Released WSOs

And remember – many things
NEVER change in IM (how to build
a list, how to create awesome
headlines, etc.etc.etc.)

so just because the last
bit of WSOs might be earlier,
guaranteed they’re still
relevant today (waiting for
you to repackage and claim).

So for today’s insights, let
me show you what the
newest 2014 WSO include:

(and while scanning through
this, reflect on how many of
them were WSOTD (and you
get full PLR rights to them):

139 Additional Emails


21 Day Prewritten Email Campaign Plus
How to Write a Powerful Email Campaign

| Catch those prewritten goodies? That
| by itself makes this gold….

5 More Trainings

7 Traffic Sources

Add 5 More PLR 2

Add 5 more plr 1

Adv Funnel Vids

Advanced Foundation Training

Coaching Program Launch Course

Coaching Program Training Audio

| See that coaching? The entire course?

FBConv Training

Fill-In-the-Blanks Video Sales Letter Template in Word, Pages, Keynote, and Powerpoint

How Create Dozens of Products In Your Sales Funnel

How to Create a Personalized Blueprint For Your Business

How to Easily Write a Sales Letter That Converts and Connects

How to Sell $5000 Coaching Programs Over the Phone

How to Start a Coaching Program in 7 Days

How to Turn $7 Wso Buyers into $1000 Clients

| $7 into $1000 clients – again, GOLD.

MRR to Sales Funnel Mastery

Maven Influencer Blueprint

PLR 30 Day

PLR Advanced FounTraining

PLR Int Funnel Vids

PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program

PLR to Complete Product Creation

PLR to Content Marketing TP

PLR to Forum Consultant Training Program

PLR to How Create Dozens of Products In Your Sales Funnel

PLR to InfoBusiness Mastery Training Program

Private Label Rights to TJS

The WSO Master Report Download Page

Watch Me Write 9 Emails

YT Traffic and Conv

| See the dozens of sales products in your funnel too?

I will most likely make a video about
this as well!

Whats super cool is the following…..

That’s just perhaps 1/3 of
what’s waiting for you.

And because this is a solo
offer, buy thru my link and
receive my very own:

WarriorForum/ Profit Plan

which shows you how to use
forums to build your authority
and grow your bottom line!

Sounds good?

I think so – these are quality
IM products where YOU can claim
the rights to.

Grab it today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

| oOo ==> Reuse, repurpose… it’s all here!

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