Automatic Social Media Traffic WordPress Plugin

Automatic Social Media Traffic WordPress Plugin Benefits

(comes with developer license!)

This is a wordpress plugin that helps convince people to like/promote your stuff.  In a word:

How it Works Like Magic: When someone visits your WordPress blog, you can instantly invite him (or her) to Like your website! You can give them whatever you wish to ethically “bribe” them – after Liking, allow them to access your post or blog page, give them a valuable gift or as simple as just ask them to Like (you can also get them to Plus One or Tweet).

I like to just invite without “bribing” them with any free stuff. Don’t underestimate your website visitors; sometimes, they’ll just Facebook Like, Google Plus or Twitter Tweet your website because you’ve asked them to do so! Besides, if they don’t, you don’t lose anything at all — but by just ASKING, you could be adding plenty of Likes, Plus One’s and Tweets automatically!

This product benefits you by making it easy for people to tell their friends about your site..

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