Affpressor: Autopilot affiliate ads for Amazon, CJ and eBay

Affpressor: Autopilot affiliate ads for Amazon, CJ and eBay Benefits

This is a fantastic WordPress plugin that makes it autopiloting for affiliates simple!


  • Hand free -This plugin really doesn’t require any time investment on your part, this is one of those rare times in marketing where it actually works on autopilot
  • 3 Biggest Affiliate Networks – As someone who has predominantly focused on Clickbank, I know I have lost a ton of money not paying enough attention Ebay, Amazon and Commission Junction, my excuse has always been “there’s not enough hours in the day” – with this, I have no excuse, it’s literally plug and play and almost guaranteed to significantly boost a website’s earnings
  • Hover Box – It can sometimes be a little difficult to grab your reader’s attention when they are engrossed in your article, which is why this hover box feature is so powerful as it pops out and immediately captivates the attention of your prospect and diverts them towards your affiliate links


This product helps you by making your blog super-easy to monetize!

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