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| 60 Days IM Coaching Program with Sean Mize
| http://askbling.com/coaching

| BENEFITS: Comprehensive how-to 60 day program
| for truly succeeding in *your* niche in the IM marketplace

My apologies – this emerged last week
but is still available!

Looking for a comprehensive suite of
60 days powerful IM coaching?

| Daily Lessons with:
| http://askbling.com/coaching

There are 60 lessons in total, and you will learn the basics of building a profitable infobusiness quickly. Some of the topics covered:

1) Creating your unique edge in your marketplace so that you stand out among your competitors

2) Creating a daily habit of 30 minutes of content creation each day so that you are constantly creating new content for google and organic traffic

3) Creating a powerful 3-product sales funnel that converts like crazy

4) How to write a powerful email campaign that SELLS your 3 products.

| Catch that 3 product sales funnel?
| http://askbling.com/coaching

5) How to create a coaching program to add $97 a month payments to your business

6) How to tweak and test to improve results

7) How to drive traffic with multiple different, unique methods

| Catch that $97 product as well?
| http://askbling.com/coaching

and much, much more!

By the way, don’t let the simplicity in the subjects delude you into thinking this is a basics course.

It’s not. It’s thorough and is scientifically designed to get you into profit FAST.

There are 60 lessons, and you receive one per day for 60 days. Each lesson is about a one hour mp3 audio training, plus a short homework assignment so that you IMPLEMENT what you learn that day in the coaching lesson.

So if starting your business off on the right foot for
2014 is of interest to you…

Definitely take advantage of the sale today.

Grow strong,

Barbara Don’t be left behind Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable!

PS – Taking control… a good thing indeed.
| http://askbling.com/coaching

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