52 Weeks of Offline Autoresponder Email Messages

52 Weeks of Offline Autoresponder Email Messages Benefits

This is a really neat package that gives you a years’ worth of offline autoresponder messages (woot!).  Topics include:

  • How businesses can use mobile text messaging for marketing
  • How can QR codes help your business?
  • Do you need an email newsletter?
  • Protecting your reputation on Facebook
  • Why is building a list important?
  • The danger of a bad reputation on social media
  • How the search engines find your site
  • Why have a mobile optimized site?
  • Why do you need a Facebook page?
  • What is Google Places?
  • What is Google+?
  • What are QR codes?
  • What are Facebook Ads?
  • More!

This product helps you by doing for you the task of making a years’ worth of followup newsletters you can customize..

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