10K Success JUST announced in the group: One of the 3 Week Mastermind students (10 hours remaining!)

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Hey there,

In less than 10 hours, the superlow price of
the 3 Week Mastermind Immersion class will
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This testimonial from one of my students…. it just
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…I just wanted to share with you today what I have been doing with Authority Commander so far:

I just poised myself to pitch for the third time in 7 days a new lead for services to the tune of $10,000. And I’ll share a wee secret, if you lean in close…

I used Authority Commander principles plus the Hangout Curation Formula and knocked the guy off his feet…..

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Instead of the full 1 hour long webinar, I know your
time is valuable, so I replaced said webbie with
a 7 minute overview that, when combined with
the content, should make it a total no-brainer
for you to solve the following issue (plus lots more):

Information overload and spinning your wheels.

Ever want to ALWAYS know the timely and cutting edge
topics you could build a product around and be assured…

You WILL be the FIRST to market?

The FIRST to establish your authority?

I’m doing it right now, myself…and you’ll
be able to learn it as well.

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I show you all the powerful techniques I use
myself to always be the first to market…
strategies and ideas you can begin to implement
yourself today (even if you focus solely on other
peoples products!)

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I’d love to hear what you think!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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