While I was sick these past 5 days, my business worked on autopilot. Here’s how.


Barb Ling here and you might have noticed…..

During the past 5 days or so, I was (and still might be) HUGELY sick.

Whatever my youngest brought home, it befriended him for only a few days but then said Lookie at MamaBear!! Lets invite ourselves in!

Utterly miserable time that was…. I mean… *truly* *truly* nonoptimal.

However, my affiliate income during this time was just shy of 2.1K.

Which….. is pretty good, wouldnt you say?

How did I achieve this? Well, I queued up emails….

… and several sales were from passive cookies (ie, I didnt promote a product but saw commissions!).

I dont know about you, but I *like* passive commissions. Its basically money coming in because I had been in the right place at the right time earlier in the past… and my affiliate cookie was set for the future.

I plan on beefing that up so….

3 days or so ago, I invested in the 7 Figure Franchise that youve probably heard .

What is it?

Well, in a nutshell, Mike Cheney has grown his business to 7 figures over the past decade.

I remember his first product back in 2006 that dealt with Adsense…. and have been quietly watching him during the past 10 years or so.

Hes definitely a master of:

* Edutainment

* Product Creation that delivers

* Affiliate Marketing that delivers

And a hell of a lot more (yep, hes the guy who I believe rented out a castle in Scotland to have a mastermind).

But I do need to warn you.

==> Its not for everyone.

This is serious money that when you apply it…

… will deliver you serious cash….

To wit, heres a bit of what youll get:

As a 7-Figure Franchisee youre also getting every last money-making promotional message, email and blog post hes ever created for you to use as your own.
You just copy, paste and make money.
PLUS – you get to use every single FUTURE promotional message, email and blog post he creates.
This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a millionaire marketer do all the work for you.
Every month youll be getting 80-90 done for you promotions ready to make you money.
This is, quite frankly, utterly ridiculous.
This one component alone could easily generate you many thousands of dollars this year without you barely having to lift a finger.
Just so you are clear on how incredible this is let him spell it out;
Hes spent 16 years honing, tweaking and perfecting the art of selling on the internet.
Each individual product promotion he runs takes several hours to hand-craft.
And its worth the time because every one puts thousands upon thousands of dollars into his pocket.
But you dont have to worry about doing anything.
You just copy them and make money. Swap out your affiliate link and youre golden;
Instant money with next to no effort whatsoever…..

==> See if its for you.

Plus… when you buy thru my link, Ill add you to my private group for how *Im* going to be applying this (remember, Im the Queen of the low cost cheatsheets anyone can do, that end up delivering 500+ sales) along with access to ALL my 3 week bootcamps:

* Go from $7 to $97 products Authority

* eMail Marketing Phoenix

* Monetize Nearly Free WSOs

* Monetize Free FB Groups

And guaranteed….

… you wont find that offer from ANYONE else.

Sounds good? If youre serious about profiting, it certainly is…. this is training you can easily slant to *any* type of affiliate marketing style……

And its handed to you there, waiting for you. Woot!

Grow strong,

Barbara someone fax me chicken soup pls Ling

ps – Other goodness included includes:

As Mike says:

….People flew in from all over the world and paid thousands and thousands of dollars to attend an exclusive closed-doors event where I revealed everything I do to make $1.1 Million per year, you get the EXCLUSIVE RECORDINGS.
Youre getting the exclusive recordings to this prestigious event and heres just a tiny taster of what youre getting your hands on here;
* A proven battleplan to quickly accelerate your business to six figures a year. (Well get started right away and work towards you hitting that first $10,000 a month as fast as humanly possible)
* My personal, private and never-before-taught methods for getting ahead in business, becoming instantly super-organized and more effective. (Full transparency: this might not be the sexy online stuff but as you know by now – this is THE most important thing to get nailed down if you want to break through the wall to the next level).
* My closely-guarded, multi-million dollar launch strategy which has hundreds of affiliates begging you to promote. (I have this down. My biggest launch, back in 2008, did $1.9M in a week. Every one of my past 7 launches has got #1 Bestseller and Product of the Day status on JVZoo and I have multiple products in the Top 50 products of all-time on JVZoo).
* How to become an ultra affiliate making thousands of dollars on every promotion, winning leaderboards and attracting an army of super-rabid fans in the process. (Even if youre already doing pretty well in this area theres a few things youre probably missing out on which can multiply your results fast).
* The next level strategies I personally use to maximize revenue from every prospect, customer and buyer. (This is huge. Most people dont do it but you will and this one thing alone can add an extra $10k to your monthly earnings).
* Advanced list- and email-marketing methods to get thousands more dollars for the same effort. (Youll discover simple segmentation strategies, a brand NEW email method nobody else is using and access to private data on my best campaigns)
* The battle-tested method for creating sales letters and funnels which consistently bring in big bucks, get tons of buyers and have affiliates mailing like crazy for you. (I love teaching this stuff – although I rarely do because its advanced, takes time and most people cant handle this ninja stuff. But you can and youre gonna love it).
Youre also getting your hands on all this little lot too, including…
This is the Single Best Way To Go From Zero To $10,000 Per Month (Even If Youre A Newbie)…
Yes, you can even do this if youre just starting out and it doesnt require you throwing money at ads or anything else.
And youre also going to discover;
* A little-known secret method to double your profits every week with almost no extra work. (This ones a doozy and can easily put an extra grand or two in your pocket every week).
* A mind-numbingly easy tactic I used to make $3000 in one day with a last minute brainfart idea which cost me nothing. (This is perfect for you if youre in a tight spot and need a big burst of cash at short notice).
* How to make TEN TIMES what your boss makes working just 4 hours a day. (Youll discover how I get to spend hours with kids every day, do leisure activities, chill out and still make over $1 million per year in the process).
* The #1 most-important, yet overlooked, factor which determines your rich-ness level online. (HINT: Its not what you think and even many of the big guys are missing this entirely and leaving millions on the table).
* The secret symbol you need to draw on a whiteboard which makes you more money than any internet tactic. (Ive used this personally for years to great effect and when Ive shared it with a select few individuals theyve been blown away by the money it makes them).
* The very first step to becoming an internet millionaire which 99% of people miss out completely and fail as a result. (This is a real underground tactic which Ive never seen anybody else teach but its been the foundation stone of me being able to make millions of dollars online).
* Your blow-by-blow exclusive peek into the typical day of an internet millionaire. (Amazing insights into what I do, what I dont do, my personal routine and how Im able to make so much money with so little effort).

==> Check it out here!

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