Traffikar coupon STILL Good ==> 3 Softwares, writes your copy, builds your pages AND… (ends tonight!)


Barb Ling here and my coupon is still good!


==> Writes Copy, Mobile Friendly Sales Pages, so much more (ends soon!)
Use coupon: barbcoffee to drop the price!

Your Benefits: It Creates your own mobile-friendly sales page .. heck, ANY page a marketer needs. VERY impressive and easy to use. One time pricing during this launch – goes to monthly pricing afterwards


Brief, pithy and to the point…

This is HUGELY impressive.

Ive seen page builders before but this is a whole nother league!

Ever wish you had something more than prompts to help you create your own sales copy?

In other words, a fill-in-the-blanks template that not ONLY makes said copy for you…

… but ALSO builds a mobile-friendly sales page (complete with graphics!) for you?

If so….

==> Walk this way!
Use coupon: barbcoffee to drop the price!

So why is this soooo super cool?

Well, consider sales page builders like ClickFunnels….

Thats $97 EACH MONTH….

Which probably is more than 1K/year!

But heres what I really like about it.

Once you fill in the template and the sales page is generated…

… you simply click in each area of the sales page to update it (kinda like Leadpages).

Now, lets talk about the templates themselves:

Were talking:

Sales pagse


Book Promos

JV pages

Event Landing Pages

Flow Leads

Webinar Landing Pages

OTO Pages

==> And way more!
Use coupon: barbcoffee to drop the price!

And the enhancements?

A template Club…..

An eMail Force that creates over 200 email sequences (!)

==> Start your journey here!
Use coupon: barbcoffee to drop the price!

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own:

Sales Copy Strategy Pack

that will give you a HUGE edge when it comes to profiting online. Huge I tell you… huge.

Sounds good? My gosh yes – like I said, I just checked this out and so regret being too nonoptimal to let you know about it before. It truly shines….


Grow strong,

Barbara More Sales! Ling

ps – Ends tonight!
Use coupon: barbcoffee to drop the price!
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