SPECIAL: 3 high fee consulting clients in the next 30 days… guaranteed?

Hey there, Barb Ling here and this just crossed my path!


3 Clients in 30 Days!

Your Benefits: You discover how to secure 3 high paying clients within the next month


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Want you this?

* NO servicing clients yourself – You will be working for one of the top Agencies on the planet… They are EAGER to hire new freelance consultants and help you build your business. Your job is done once you sign up a client, yet you still collect all the recurring monthly fees.

* NO Direct selling or ‘cold calling’ – Every business you contact is a warm lead who NEEDS something. All communication is done over email using copy paste emails scripts as well as done-for-you sales proposals for every service you will sell.

* NO Experience needed – This program is designed to take you from day 1 and walk you through exactly what to do each day to be guaranteed 3 new clients in just 30 days.

Of course you do!

Here’s how it works:

1. Partner with one of the largest, most respected SEO & marketing agencies on the planet
This top SEO/Marketing agency is desperate to find work-from-home consultants to help them sell their services. They are the service providers behind over 400 digital agencies (many you probably have heard of) in 12 countries and are a registered Google Partner.

ANYONE can sign up as a white-label reseller in minutes.

Everything is handled in a customer dashboard that is fully branded with YOUR name and company info:

Your own branded dashboard for YOUR clients to log into.

YOU get your own dashboard when you sign up for their program

Your clients never know they are being serviced by another company.
Clients love these services and find the dashboard easy to use where they can see their results at a glance

This agency takes a small portion of the fees you collect each month and provides your clients with the best service available in the industry including:

Web Design
Mobile site design
Local SEO
PPC management
Facebook local marketing (untapped service in high demand)
Click-to-call advertising
Logo and brand design
Facebook ads
Bad link cleanup (Most businesses need this and don’t even know it)
Content writing (info graphics, video content, blog content)
and more.

Catch those services?

2. Use simple Google hacks to find businesses who NEED these services.
Simple Google search hacks can turn up thousands of business owners who NEED these services:

Finding biz owners with a problem allows us to point it out to them (many don’t even realize they have it), and demonstrate a solution:

Biz owners are thankful when you point out their problem…
Eager to hire you on the spot when you demonstrate a solution

Catch that solution?

3. Use custom sales proposals and SEO audits to do the selling for you
Biz owners will be ready to hire you after a single cold email when you `audit’ their website first.

Running an SEO audit is easy, just enter a potential client’s URL in the included software:

SEO audit analyzes a client’s site in seconds
And it will output an audit and sales proposal for that client to sell them on the service complete with your name and information on it:

SEO audit and sales proposal with YOUR name on it will do all the selling for you
This report outlines everything a biz owner needs to do to get their website into the first position in Google’s results. They could follow the instructions themselves, but the vast majority would rather HIRE YOU to do it for them:

Biz owners are sold after a single email when you send them these audits.
All you have to do is run this audit and email (or even snail-mail) the report to them to get them sold on paying $3,000 a month or more for SEO services.

4. Collect monthly payments into YOUR account, while the agency does all the work.
Once you sign up a new client using these done-for-you sales proposals your job is done!

The marketing agency takes a small portion of the fees you collect to do the hard work servicing for you.

This is a win/win/win partnership:

THEY want to focus on providing the best service to local business owners, and have their consultants (YOU) do the work landing clients.

THEY only keep about 10-20% of the fees

YOU focus on getting new clients and growing your business knowing all the real work is handled for you.

YOU keep 80-90% of the client’s high monthly fees.

YOUR CLIENTS get the best service in the industry with everything branded in your name.

Students are building 6-7 figure consulting businesses letting this agency handle the work for them:

Work once to land a client, get paid forever

The money lands in your account every month:

Click above to see more!

Grow strong,

Barb “More sales!” Ling

ps – Dimesale but price increasing…

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