Quick Recap: LOCAL: Software for booking system, land $497 clients again and again?

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Want a fast way to earn extra money as a local consultant?

Then you need to read this page carefully because I'm going to show you how to solve one of the biggest problems facing local businesses today: Landing new customer appointments.

Many local businesses service their customers on pre-scheduled appointments. Businesses like:

* Lawyers...

* Dental offices...

* Chiropractors...

* Hair and nail salons...

* Plumbers...

* Electricians...

* Movers...

All these businesses need a constant flow of appointments to keep the cash flowing in.

This is where so many businesses fail...

You've probably encountered this problem trying to book an appointment for yourself. You visit the business's website and the only way to schedule an appointment is to call them during business hours or a 'contact us' email form.

Only having a phone number on their website is a HUGE mistake that leaves potential customers frustrated and moving on to their competitor:

Many website visitors simply don't want to pick up the phone to call (specially if they are browsing at work), but would have booked an appointment if they could do it online.

Phones are usually only answered during business hours losing all potential clients who are browsing the website in the evening after work. They miss out on the most prime time to land customers simply by being lazy. Biz owners are often shocked to see how many more appointments they land just by offering the ability to book them after office hours.

Secretaries can only answer so many calls at once losing customers do to busy lines.

Contact forms are just as bad, relying on a game of email tag with potential customers in order to book an appointment.

Bottom line: This poorly optimized appointment funnel loses more than half of the potential customers a business could have, AND adds the stress of phone and email tag chasing down potential customers to keep them coming in.

Even worse is the amount of money that is wasted in this process...

Think about it: Most local biz owners spend money on things that drive traffic to their website... Thousands of dollars for SEO, Social Media marketing, and advertising to bring potential customers to their site, only to fail to convert them into paying appointments.

Most appointment solutions being sold involve 24-hour call centers that cost tens of thousands of dollars to set up, and thousands of dollars a month to maintain. This is way outside the budget of most small businesses forcing them to make do with an underpaid grumpy secretary and old fashioned email to land clients.

This creates a goldmine opportunity for anyone who can offer a solution to this problem at a rate that is affordable to smaller mom and pop businesses. ..."

==> Grab it all... plus more!

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Authority Marketing Innovator

PS: It's dimesale so price increases every time your competitors buy...


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