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1 Click Affiliate Stores

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Turn Your Stores Into “One-Stop Shops” & Maximize Sales Per Customer

Amazon “Live Search Tech” lets visitors find ANY of Amazon’s 564 million products thru YOUR store … and YOU make the commission!

Skyrocket Profits With The ONE Thing Customers Can’t Refuse

When was the last time you shopped online and DIDN’T look for the best deal?

Today’s online buyers love low prices, but they also love HUNTING for bargains.The EasyStores “Real Time Discount Finder” makes deal-finding FUN for your customers … and they’ll never have to leave your store to find what they’re after!

Real Time Discount Finder

Customers can search for discounted products in real time …PLUS they can set the filter to their desired discount evel & quickly grab the deals they want most …Putting MORE commissions in your pocket each day!
Sell More To The FASTEST Growing Segment Of Online BuyersMobile commerce hit $700 BILLION in revenue in 2017, which is more than 300% growth over the past four years - smartinsights.com

Mobile Responsive DesignMobile Responsive Design [fully automated inside EasyStores] lets you cash in from the 75% of people that buy online thru mobile devices. Your stores render PERFECTLY on mobile and make shopping easy & fun for users on any device

Never Miss A Commission Again With LIVE Self-Updating Stores

Nothing chases a customer off an online store faster than selecting a product, then finding it’s unavailable. Thanks to this advanced tech, each of your stores updates itself in real time to ALWAYS reflect product changes, accurate prices & the latest deals.

Self-Updating For Hands-Free Profits:
NEVER waste time manually updating product listings

Maximize sales by always having the most currently available products & discountsYour stores will remain compliant for a constant flow of commissions

Drive Profits For Up To THREE Months After Someone Visits!The big problem with promoting Amazon products is the affiliate cookie only lasts 24 hours - if a prospect doesn’t buy in that time, you don’t make a commission.

Bank LONG TERM PROFITS With Our “Add To Cart Feature”Once a visitor adds a product to their cart, you have up to 3 full months to earn a commission when they return and make ANY purchase!

Sell Even MORE To A Global Audience
Once you start using the included software for free traffic, you’ll be able to reach international customers for a massive source of untapped sales. Now you can maximize profits from these visitors by letting them see products available in THEIRregion!

✔ So much waiting for you!

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