Profits.. made simple? (and oooo the custom bonus he recorded for my list only….

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Hey there,

Barb Ling here and want to master the art of persuasion….

By the master of said idea?

As you might know, the man is a legend in our industry (I remember following him back in 2001)….

And now… his latest is not only premium…..

But its been condensed down to zero fluff….

… and 4 power videos…..

But it is NOT for everyone!

See… like all of Marlon’s goodies, it’s packed with his decades of learning…

… and psychological triggers he has mastered….

And quite frankly, its awesome.

To wit:

“… for all the complexities of the human brain, people are actually fairly simple creatures. They’re motivated by the desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain by hundreds (if not millions) of years of experience passed down in the genetic memory we all share.
Fact One: This genetic “persuasion code” is hardwired into ALL of us, regardless of race, sex or geographic location.

We all share a common genetic memory because in the ancient past all humans started from a central location. As humans spread around the globe and created countries, this same genetic memory was passed from generation to generation.

Fact Two: This genetic memory is hardwired to gain pleasure and avoid pain….”

Rather awesome this is…..

You’ll learn:

==> Video #1: The Big Picture

How and why you can convince anyone to do anything using “The Sheet”

What the two steps are with precise definitions that are clear as a whistle

How to boil ANY persuasion task down to just two steps

WHY the two steps work so great

5 reasons the “The Sheet” actually works

How to integrate “The Sheet” with any other persuasion system or formula already in your possession.

==> Video #2: How to Use Step One

The 7 rules of using Step One correctly

How to use Step One in crystal clear step-by-step format

Illustrations of using Step One in 7 vastly different persuasion scenarios you’ll likely encounter

Catch those 7 types of persuasion?

==> Video #3: How to Use Step Two

Why Step One won’t work nearly as well without Step Two

What Robert Collier said about Step Two

Exact step-by-step guidelines on doing a great Step Two

7 different ways of doing Step Two

Actual illustrations of step two in action — I pull deep into my persuasion archives and give you my most memorable examples of ttep two in action from the past.

==> Video #4: How to Fill Out “The Sheet” In 10 Minutes Or Less

“The Sheet” allows you to codify the what to do and how to do it into a checklist so you don’t MISS anything.

Plus, it makes this a standard operating procedure (SOP) you’ll use over and over, almost every day until it’s virtually ingrained into your thinking.

And the enhancements?

The Inner Sanctum….

… Cash like Clockwork….

Start your journey here!

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and get a custom bonus Marlon made just for my tribe (so goood!)

Sounds grand? I think so, heck, I know so – the man is a genius when it comes to marketing….

… and he makes the most difficult things simple to understand.


Grow strong,

Barb “More Buy Buttons!” Ling

ps – what did you think of the video?
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