> Price increases TONIGHT ==> Advanced Copywriting and marketing (less than 5 plus


Barb Ling here and my apologies… it’s increasing tonight! It’s from Dennis and me and is less than a cup of coffee…


BENEFITS: This is a collection of videos and PDFs on advanced copywriting and marketing strategies

Who should consider this: People who desire more profits from product sales, affiliate emails, CPA, etc.

Who should NOT consider this: People who don’t have the income to spare.

Obligatory pun: I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off. ๐Ÿ™‚


Brief, pithy and to the point: (and remember – price increases tonight!)
Ever think about the following….
Day after day, you see excited people congratulating themselves online and others because of hundreds, if not thousands, of profits that flow in.
Wanna know one way that helps?
Itโ€™s evoking the emotions and compelling the readers to BUY!
Ever wish you had that seemingly magic skill for copywriting that makes your products that fly off the shelves?
It sure would make your sales a whole lot easier!
Well, youโ€™re in luck today because we JUST released (at a Black Friday special!)
โ€œEG03: Evergreen Advanced Marketing and Copywriting Strategies Bundle!โ€
(and itโ€™s at SUCH a low price, even for Black Fridayโ€ฆ justโ€ฆ wow… but its increasing tonight!).
In a nutshell:
You discover how to create copy that evokes the emotions faster than you ever imagined possible (even if youโ€™ve never tried it before yourself)
Weโ€™re talking PLR to superb copywriting and advanced marketing ideas that make a whole lotta sense (and profit!).
Not only that, the content is from Jason Fladlien, marketing geniusโ€ฆ.
==> See for yourself:

And itโ€™s delivered in PDF format, Video format, โ€œListen to it while in the car or at the gymโ€ formatโ€ฆ
So no matter how you want to learn, itโ€™s right there for you!
The enhancements are pretty cool as well:
* PLR and repurpose rights
* Daily Seminar PLR SPECIAL Master Licensing
* Covert Affiliate Authority
==> Itโ€™s waiting for you!

Just imagineโ€ฆ within 30 seconds you could have at your fingertips the secret to copywriting even beginners can useโ€ฆ and then apply it to your sales pages today!
What are you waiting for?


Barb “More profits TODAY!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Less than a cup of coffee….
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