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Barb Ling here and this just crossed me path?:


==> The Offline 3 Pack Confidential
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Your Benefits: you get everything you need to grab the Holy Grail of search!


Brief, pithy and to the point…

Did you know the Google 3 Pack for local clients is pretty much the Holy Grail of search ranking?
Why? Because Googles 3 Pack gets the lions share of all the clicks on Page One results…
In fact, the first, second and third results receive 24.48%, 13.81% and 9.5% of clicks respectively, for a combined total of 47.79% of clicks, according to Advanced Web Ranking (statistics for mobile traffic, December 2018).
In fact, you can get more money, easier, by placing clients in one of those 3 spots than practically anything else…
Since the Value is a No Brainer to clients…
This golden opportunity happens because what we are offering clients is worth big money, its super-valuable, not a dime-a-dozen and they know it!

==> Start 2019 off RIGHT!

Since the Local 3-Pack is the first thing potential customers see when they search for a product or service, its easy to see how getting your clients business featured in the 3 Pack can be a HUGE shortcut to getting to the top of page 1 of the search engine results.
When you combine that with the fact that more searches occur on mobile vs. desktop, you can easily see how very important the Google 3 Pack can be.
(Since the 3 Pack is totally dependent on the location of the searcher and the terms that are searched, it is impossible to guarantee that a business will appear in the 3 Pack.)
By now, it should be clear that the Google 3 Pack is some seriously prime real estate for every local business.
Armed with the strategies Jim is going to show you, you will be well on your way to optimizing your clients online presence AND dramatically increasing the likelihood of them appearing in the 3-Pack.
And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own:

Offline Marketing Strategy Pack

My own collection of the best tutorials out there!

Sounds good? I think so – learning how to grab the coveted 3 Pack position…

Clients will pay *big* for that.


Grow strong,

Barbara More commissions Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

==> Dime sale so buy it now!
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