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Want you to discover a cool offline business goodie that could see you with recurring conversions month after month… for 3 figures?

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Building Your Own SMS List And Broadcast Service
What’s the secret behind the success of this SMS system? It’s super convenient! Customers can opt-in right from their phone and the owner/manager can send out promo blasts from their phone. The simplicity and ease-of-use are largely why this system works so incredibly well.

In this section, I’ll show you how to set-up the SMS List and Broadcast service. Please note: there is NO coding required! It’s insanely easy to do.

Key Resources Included in this Section:
a) The Step-by-Step SMS List and Broadcast Service Setup Guide (no code required)
b) Our Proven SMS List Building Ideas for the Restaurants
c) Our Proven SMS Broadcast Templates to drive business fast.

How To Pinpoint Ideal Clients That Want Your Service
To drastically increase your success when closing clients, we’re going to walk you through the exact process we use to identify ideal clients.

This 5-item checklist ensures the business is a good fit before you even approach them. That way, you can avoid wasting time on businesses that aren’t a good fit for your service.

How To Attract Those Clients With Your Service Offering…

Without EVER Stepping Foot Inside Their Business
You don’t need to stress about approaching potential clients! This stress-free approach will put your service in front of ideal clients and easily peak their interest because they’ll be able to experience how it works first hand.

Key Resources Included in this Section:
a) The “I Need That” Flyer.
b) The Messenger/Email Reachout Campaign.

How We Close A $200/Month Clients
(Our 6 Step Sales Process)
Inside this module, we’ll walk you through the process for running a successful sales meeting that will prompt the client to sign up for your $200/month service. We’ll cover the exact meeting format and provide information for in-person and online meetings.

Key Resources Included in this Section:
a) The Done-For-You Sales Presentation Template (Powerpoint/Keynote/Google Slides)

How To Maintain Your Client-Base For Long-Term
Success And Ongoing Monthly Income You Can Stack
In this final section, we’ll show you how to take payments, set-up your business and how to onboard the client to ensure they’re smitten with your service.

We’re going to break down the full “First 3-Months Timeline” which details key tips that will ensure your client sees the value of your service and is delighted by the results you provide.

This is an important step to keeping each client on long-term, allowing you to stack clients and build a lucrative monthly income.

The Coolest Part About The Whole Thing?

Once you’ve onboarded your client and completed the simple set-up, there is very little monthly maintenance that you have to worry about. That means you can focus on expanding your client list and building your monthly income!

It’s Time for You to Put These Steps into Action and See
How Quickly You Land Your First $200/month Client ….

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