OFFLINE: Add this Pinterest service to your offline clients' bottom line


Barb Ling here and here be the latest ready for your consideration! Make sure to read to the end, as you’ll also receive direct access to additional Offline goodies this very instant.


BENEFITS: This is a Pinterest Software product that helps users (in this case you, as a consultant) drive extra zero cost traffic to a business’ website/sales and more

Who should consider this: Offline/Local Clients who want to add additional recurring social media services

Who should NOT consider this: People who don’t have the income to spare.


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Lots of buyers will pin what they buy on Pinterest – that’s the good news!

And that means that if your local businesses have a presence on Pinterest, they can increase their bottom line big as well!

But local businesses generally do NOT want to deal with social media stuff… and are willing to outsource that to quality consultants like you.

So when you read the sales page, read it like a consultant… and think how you can apply it to your customers (for recurring income!):

==> Pinterest King Software!

Plus, Don’t forget these Pinterest-related Social goodies you can *download below right now* (they’re WP plugins and themes you can use for offline and Pinterest:

Goodie #1: Business Directory Plugin – Directories for WordPress

Goodie #2: Pinterest Pin It Button on Image Hover Plugin

Goodie #3: Masonry Layout for WordPress Plugin

Goodie #4: GeoDirectory – Business Directory Plugin

Goodie #5: Local Business 1 Page WP Theme

Goodie #6: Hustle Marketing, eMail Optin, Popup WP Plugin

Sounds good? Indeed – if you have yet to crack the code regarding ofline Pinterest profiting online….

==> Walk This Way!

And let me know what you think.


Barb “More profits TODAY!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Bonuses too!
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